8 Reasons To Invest In Web Conferencing Software For Enterprise Businesses

8 Reasons To Invest In Web Conferencing Software For Enterprise Businesses
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Summary: Web conferencing software for enterprise businesses bridges the geographical divide. But there are plenty of other benefits for your bottom line.

Should You Invest In Web Conferencing Software For Enterprise Businesses?

Should you make room in the corporate budget for web conferencing software for enterprise businesses? Many companies are taking the leap due to the pandemic and its aftermath, which makes perfect sense since it mitigates risks and eliminates communication barriers for telecommuting teams. As is the case with all purchases, you need to make a strong business case. So, how can your organization benefit from enterprise video conferencing tools? More importantly, how will it impact your profit margin and employee engagement?

8 Top Reasons To Invest In Enterprise Video Conference Solutions

1. Transition To Online Training

Face-to-face training is risky these days. But even before the COVID crisis, more and more organizations were making the switch to eLearning, mainly because Instructor-Led Training (ILT) is costly and time-consuming. Enterprise video conference platforms give you the opportunity to move your training online. You can host live events and workshops to help employees build crucial skills. Everything happens in real-time, so they can clarify confusion right away and address personal areas for improvement.

2. Reduce Employee Development Expenses

Developing internal talent is usually the largest expense for enterprises. You have a large talent pool and they need to build core competencies in order to reach their full potential. Fortunately, business video conferencing software can help you cut costs without cutting corners. No more instructor travel fees, printed training materials, and site rentals, as all your training events are online. An added bonus is that L&D is now more convenient for your team. They can even watch recorded events if they’re unable to make it to the live session.

3. Improve Remote Collaboration

Managing a global team of talented staffers is no small feat. You need a way to bring everyone together without going over budget. Video conferencing tools give them a platform to exchange ideas and feedback, as well as work on projects from a safe distance. For example, the team hosts weekly recap meetings to share progress updates, or maybe your L&D department uses the tool to revise existing content and re-evaluate the current strategy.

4. Host Skill-Building Workshops

Another reason to invest in enterprise video conference solutions is to bridge skill and performance gaps. In fact, you can host remote workshops to focus on specific competencies. For instance, this month’s workshop is all about interpersonal skills for your sales and customer service teams. Everyone must RSVP so that you know how many people to expect, then you provide them with tie-in resources to prep in advance. The workshop, itself, might be an hour or an entire weekend, depending on your L&D needs and budget, not to mention their work schedules.

5. Launch A Peer Coaching Program

Peer coaching is one of the most effective ways to use in-house talent and expertise for the betterment of your organization. Groups meet every week to talk about recent challenges and help each other overcome them. They can see things from a new perspective and come up with innovative solutions, as well as identify emerging gaps they should address immediately. For best results, invite employees to choose a topic or skill that resonates with them, then encourage them to host peer coaching groups where they share their expertise. Another option is to assess their know-how and then assign topics.

6. Train External Partners

Sales channels, call center reps, and franchisees are just some of the external partners that large organizations rely on, and they need the same level of training as in-house staffers. Video conferencing software helps you launch an equal-opportunity L&D strategy. However, you can also host remote meetings, webinars, and other events to keep them in the loop. For instance, share recent company policy updates or new compliance regulations with remote sales teams.

7. Build Brand Culture

Everyone needs to be on the same page when it comes to core values and brand image, no matter where they are or which roles they fill in your organization. Web conferencing software for enterprise businesses allows you to strengthen your company culture and build an online community as it adds a human element to your online training program. For example, employees can meet the CEO or chat with their managers on a daily basis. It’s a central hub where staffers can communicate and collaborate on the spot, as well as stay up-to-date regarding policies and protocols.

8. Offer Customer Training Events

Web conferencing tools also help you build brand loyalty with customer training events. Consumers can attend webinars or product showcases to learn all the benefits and innovative uses. They’re able to ask questions and find out about add-ons or service plans that offer the best value for money. You can even host marketing events to attract new leads and expand your reach. Just make sure to promote the event on social media well in advance, as well as send invites with detailed instructions so that repeat customers know how to log in and participate in the discussion using their mobile devices.


There is a caveat to all these web conferencing software for enterprise businesses perks. You need to find the right tool for your team. It must be easy to use and feature-rich so that everyone benefits from the platform, even those who are new to the world of web conferencing. Our exclusive directory has the top business video conferencing solutions in every price range. You can even filter results by customer type to find the best system for large enterprises, then evaluate all the features and support services that vendors have to offer.