eBook Release: Redefining Corporate Training With Rapid eLearning

eBook Release: Redefining Corporate Training With Rapid eLearning
Summary: Rapid eLearning has been around for long. Don't take it as the sloppy version of creating online training courses. Learn why you might need it and how you can benefit from its implementation in your organization.

Using Rapid eLearning To Boost Corporate Online Training

In a world where (almost) everything needs to be done extremely quickly, we have all felt the need to discover fast, alternative solutions when it comes to lengthy and time-consuming processes. More often than not, we want to just get things done. And on top, it is essential that we do so in an effective way. So, the question is, how do we succeed in this?

eBook Release: Redefining Corporate Training With Rapid eLearning
eBook Release
Redefining Corporate Training With Rapid eLearning
Explore all about rapid eLearning and make corporate training quick and easy.

Imagine this real-life scenario before we delve into the eLearning jargon. You are a busy individual, most probably working somewhere, and maybe you also have a family. Let’s say you come back home after your exhausting 9-5 routine. Children screaming at the background or a dog going berserk when they finally get to see you after a long time. The dog needs food and a walk, the kids have to eat, there’s a huge pile of dirty laundry, and somewhere there you really crave a glass of wine and some alone time. How on earth are you going to be done with all of them… fast?

Why Wait? Do It Now!

You know exactly what you’re going to do, right? Forget about preparing a fancy dinner for the kids, grilled cheese sandwiches it is! While they eat, you shove the laundry into the washing machine and you take the dog out for a quick walk—maybe you jog a little to stay active. You run back home, put the kids in bed, feed the dog, open the bottle of wine and you curl up on the couch. Chores are done in the blink of an eye. Success! Fast and effectively. You chose the fast way over the long way, and this is fine. You get to save time and money. Sometimes, time is money.

Now that we have set the scene for the need of getting things out of the way really fast and effectively in a scenario that most of us have already experienced, it is time to discuss how this translates into the corporate world.

Either you belong to a huge organization or an SMB, you’re facing the challenge of training. I’m sure you have, or at least you’re thinking about it. We’ve said this before, there’s no great progress in business without training. But you can’t afford to develop a fancy online training course budget-wise and/or time-wise. Are you going to just skip it? Of course not.

The best solution is to explore the world of rapid eLearning. You cannot ignore it anymore, it’s there and it comes with its benefits, as well as a few drawbacks. In the eBook Redefining Corporate Training With Rapid eLearning brought to you by the experts of CommLab India, you will get the chance to discover everything about it and see for yourself whether it can cover your needs.

About The eBook

In this very valuable resource, you will analyze in-depth everything that rapid eLearning entails. Starting with the absolute essentials you need to know, you will have the opportunity to get to know what rapid eLearning is and why it would be ideal for your organization, in case you’re worried your current eLearning development is costing time, money, and effort. Then, you will get to explore the main hurdles of its implementation accompanied by solutions. Furthermore, an analysis of blended learning and microlearning assets is being discussed, giving way to gamification practices and authoring tools you will need to take into consideration. More specifically, in this eBook you will discover:

  • Why choose rapid eLearning
  • Challenges in adoption and solutions
  • Blended learning for rapid development
  • Microlearning assets and rapid eLearning
  • Authoring tools for rapid VR solutions
  • Save SME time with rapid eLearning
  • Rapid eLearning and gamification
  • Flash to HTML5 conversion with authoring tools
  • Rapid eLearning business case

What’s great about all this information provided by CommLab is that it is thorough, detailed, and easy to follow. While digesting what’s being discussed, always bear in mind that the content of your potential online training course needs to be the star of the show. Identify the content, evaluate it, and check if it makes sense. Then, take into consideration all the media you will be using and how you will assess the employee training participants. As you will notice in the eBook Redefining Corporate Training With Rapid eLearning, too, choosing the right authoring tool and finally deploying your rapid eLearning are of prime importance to end this journey of online training course development.


When we say rapid, we don’t necessarily mean sloppy or low-quality online training. Making a clarification here, the word rapid applies to the time spent on developing your online training course, if instances demand so. Yes, it is possible. And, yes, it’s okay to choose rapid eLearning for various reasons. The good news is that it can indeed be effective, successful, and improve your ROI. Why don’t you give it a shot? Download the eBook Redefining Corporate Training With Rapid eLearning to experience first-hand how the magic happens with rapid eLearning and how to steer clear from any pitfalls. If you wish even more insights into the matter, join the webinar to discover how to convert your valuable classroom material to eLearning.

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