Right Place, Right Time: Jolt The Impact Of Formal And Informal Learning With Dynamic Publishing

Right Place, Right Time: Jolt The Impact Of Formal And Informal Learning With Dynamic Publishing
Summary: Learning is an ongoing and continuous process—the way you publish and deliver learning content must be equally fluid. Eliminate content delivery delays and streamline your processes for posting, updating, and maintaining content across all channels with one-click dynamic publishing.

One-Click Publishing Saves Time And Sanity

Do any of these L&D publishing dilemmas sound familiar to you?

  • Your team updates a formal learning course with critical information, but your learners don't see it for weeks while you wait for your LMS admin to load and update the course's SCORM, AICC, xAPI, or CMI5 package.
  • The LMS publishing process is so onerous or bottlenecked that you don't even bother pushing less-than-major updates. As a result, your learners' resources are riddled with minor errors and outdated info.
  • You'd love to provide flow-of-work learning outside your LMS, but you don't have the IT infrastructure and the support team's time is spoken for.
  • You maintain both formal and informal learning resources, but they're authored and published completely independently. As a result, the information across channels is out of sync.

If any of those scenarios hit you where you live, then your learning ecosystem would be improved by the use of a dynamic publishing service.

How does a dynamic publishing service help? It basically replaces your LMS admin or IT department as the publishing waypoint for both the formal learning delivered in your LMS and informal learning delivered wherever and whenever it's needed.

Update Formal Learning With One Click

A dynamic publishing service can reduce the time spent posting, updating, and maintaining formal learning content by as much as 90%.

Without a publishing service, someone must download the whole course, then upload it to the LMS or LRS as a SCORM, AICC, xAPI, or CMI5 package, which often can be quite large. For updates to an existing course, they must delete the old version and replace it completely. Since this process is notoriously finicky and can cause issues like completion and bookmarking problems if done incorrectly, most companies limit LMS admin powers to a handful of people at most, creating a bottleneck.

When you use a dynamic publishing service, you're not manually moving the course to the LMS. Instead, you publish the SCORM, AICC, xAPI, or CMI5 package to your publishing host, and your LMS serves as gateway to the latest version that is hosted on the dynamic publishing server.

The first time you add a new course, someone will need to add a very small link package (sometimes called a "stub") to your LMS or LRS, but the big difference happens with the updates.

With one click from your authoring interface, you publish all changes to your learners. Just one click.

Deploy Informal Learning Without Worrying About Infrastructure

Similarly, you won't need much in the way of IT infrastructure or support to deploy and maintain your informal learning resources.

A dynamic publishing service lets you instantly deploy hosted sites for flow-of-work or just-in-time learning, like searchable knowledge bases, job aids, and more. As with your formal learning, these sites can be instantly updated with one click.

When you pair a dynamic publishing service with a robust responsive authoring solution, you'll be able to deliver up-to-date knowledge to your audience in a convenient format, and it will look good regardless of the screen size or device. You'll truly be educating your learners in the flow of work, exactly where and when they need it.

Sync Knowledge Across All Channels Fast And Frequently

As you can see, a dynamic publishing service simplifies the initial deployment of new learning, both formal and informal. Edits and updates are instantaneous and only require publishing permissions, not additional administrative ones in a separate product.

That, by itself, can facilitate fast and frequent syncing of knowledge across all channels.

However, the real magic happens when a dynamic publishing service is married to a truly all-in-one authoring tool, flexible enough for creating formal courses, instructor-led presentations, knowledge bases, job aids, and more in a single place. This allows you to manage your formal and informal learning in one place and draw from a pool of shared media.

You'll gain even more efficiency and synchronicity if this authoring tool has single-source authoring and smart content reuse. When done right, these features allow you to author once and reuse across multiple formats while the content itself remains linked.

This means you can use the same content in a formal course, knowledge base, and presentation for a fraction of the effort, and when something changes, you make the change in a single place. Hit "Publish" once for each affected project, and you're done.

Keeping your learning content synced just doesn't get any easier than that.

Other Benefits And Considerations For A Dynamic Publishing Service

A dynamic publishing service can make it easier to augment and improve your existing analytics with xAPI. There are no limitations on the xAPI statements you can track and send to the LRS of your choice. You'll be able to gather complex analytics from formal and informal learning alike.

A word of caution: if you have a global learning audience, you'll want to make sure that your dynamic publishing service optimizes the delivery experience for learners all over the world. Look for one that uses Content Delivery Network (CDN) support to minimize traffic and bandwidth requirements.

A Dynamic Publishing Duo For Any LMS

Convey is a dynamic publishing service that works with any LMS or LRS to facilitate formal and informal learning while eliminating content delivery delays. It works seamlessly with dominKnow | ONE to provide your learners with a single source of truth that's up to date and synced across a wide variety of learning modalities so that you can deliver your organization's knowledge to the right place at the right time.

Learn more by visiting our website, by contacting me directly, or by leaving a comment below.

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