SaaS LMS: The New Age LMS

SaaS-Based LMS The New Age LMS
Summary: In today’s fast-paced world, technology is getting updated at an incredible speed. Educational technology is not lagging in this respect. Learning management systems (LMS) are getting updated, with better configuration and compatibility.


With the emergence of software as a service (SaaS), the usage style and pattern of software have witnessed a paradigm shift. LMS is also being offered in the SaaS model. Let’s first understand what the SaaS model is with the help of software. Before SaaS, if you wanted to use software, you should get a copy of the installation file, then install it on your system.

You can use the software only from the system. If you opt for SaaS-based software, you don’t get any installation files. All you need to do is log on to the portal and start using the software. You are no longer confined to any particular system. You can log on from any system and use the hosted software.

SaaS-based LMS is no different in working principle. You don’t need to install the LMS anymore. Your users can simply log on from any system to access the LMS and start learning. From a purely learning point of view, there is no negative impact a user can experience. It gives a seamless connectivity experience to the user.

 Let’s Understand The Benefits That We Get From A SaaS-Based LMS

  1. Quick deployment
    Saas-Based LMS can be deployed and made to use in a very quick time. You don’t need to buy and set up infrastructure, do installation and testing. All you do is just buy a subscription and you are ready to start.
  2. No expertise needed
    You don’t need any special expertise or need to hire experts to deploy your LMS. Subscription is the only thing you need. Small enterprises get the biggest benefit from it as they don’t have to pay for hiring experts.
  3. Expert help
    SaaS-based software is centrally maintained by experts. Hence, there is very little scope for downtime. Even if there is any accidental glitch, there is an expert panel available to solve the issue. This is a great advantage in today’s world, where every minute matters. Enterprises that are present globally can benefit immensely from this.
  4. Low cost of ownership
    Since you don’t need dedicated infrastructure for SaaS-based LMS, over the years, the cost of ownership is much lesser compared to traditional LMS. You don’t have to pay anything for server maintenance, upgrading, bandwidth maintenance, etc.
  5. Scalability
    A key parameter for LMS is the number of users. With SaaS-based models, the number of users is never an issue. You can scale up or scale down the number of concurrent users without any delay of a major setting. All you need to do is change your subscription as per your need. This is a very useful advantage to reduce the cost of LMS to a great extent. It helps you conduct large-scale training without having to invest in LMS infrastructure. It also helps reduce the wastage of resources.
  6. Any device accessibility
    SaaS-based LMS gives you accessibility from any device, from any location. This is a great advantage in today’s world, where remote working is becoming a new normal. Anytime, anywhere access is the need of the hour and SaaS-based LMS gives us the best benefits in this regard.
  7. Integration
    One of the biggest advantages of SaaS-based LMS is that it can be integrated very quickly and easily with other applications of the enterprise. It can be used to conduct partner, user, or customer training also. It can be used for gamification. It allows you to conduct a webinar with customers and users. It can be seamlessly integrated with CRM data and HR data.
  8. Security
    SaaS-based LMS, being managed by industry leaders, scores very high on security, which comes as a default. The users don’t have to pay anything extra or implement any extra layer of security.


With most of the major software players moving toward a cloud and SaaS-based model, the future of LMS is also a SaaS-based model. With SaaS-based LMS, learning will truly become free from boundaries. Anytime, anywhere access will become a true reality. Device independence will no longer be technological jargon, but a simple way of accessing learning content. The advantages of SaaS-based LMS are too good to be ignored. It has something for every type of user and enterprise, be it small or big. Bigger organizations have already started implementing the SaaS-based LMS and are reaping its benefits.

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