7 Elements That Are Probably Missing From Your Current Sales Online Training Strategy

7 Elements That Are Probably Missing From Your Current Sales Online Training Strategy
Summary: You think you’ve covered all your bases when it comes to prepping your sales staff and building vital skills. But there may be some elements missing from your current sales online training strategy.

What's Missing From Your Sales Online Training Strategy?

Every sales team requires a different online training approach. It greatly depends on their job duties, the products they sell, and personal preferences. As well as the company’s objectives. However, there are a few key elements every successful strategy has in common. Elements that impart real-world experience, form an emotional connection and encourage employees to learn from mistakes off the sales floor. These JIT resources and formal online training activities also benefit your bottom line and boost employee engagement—which is just icing on the L&D cake. These 7 crucial online training resources are probably absent from your sales online training library.

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1. Personal Anecdotes And Stories

Employees need to emotionally invest in sales online training to get the full benefit. Anecdotes, stories, and examples help them relate and put the information into context. They see how their actions and behaviors impact customers and co-workers. But stories also allow them to reflect on their performance habits and identify areas for improvement. For instance, they might recognize similarities between the narrator’s shortcomings and their own. Can they build strong communication skills to improve Customer Experience?

2. Product Knowledge eLearning Infographics

Sales employees have a lot on their minds and there’s very little room for new product specs. So, create eLearning infographics that cover all the basics. From features and real-world benefits to unconventional uses and ongoing maintenance. Give sales staffers all the info they need so they can pass it along to consumers. As well as craft the perfect pitch to boost their sales stats. You can also include some supplemental links to broaden their knowledge. For example, tutorials and video demos to help them understand the product’s functions and show it off it on the sales floor.

3. Daily Sales Tips

Ongoing reinforcement is key. Employees can assimilate knowledge more effectively when it’s in short bursts. For example, daily tips in the LMS or social media online training group. Offer quick pointers on how to deal with challenging customers. Or pose a weekly challenge that tests their ability to pitch products. Can they sell a certain number of units using the new sales technique? Are they able to raise their customer satisfaction scores by 10% this week which you can gauge through consumer surveys? Invite top performers to host their own tip spotlights to reduce L&D costs. These in-house experts are also more relatable since they’re part of the team and understand the everyday hurdles your sales employees face.

4. Game-Based Learning

Employees can’s pass up an engaging game that serves a dual purpose. Not only does it engage and provide a multisensory experience. But it helps them build vital skills and identify knowledge gaps. Every microlearning game brings them one step closer to fulfilling their sales potential. They also learn how to navigate work-related challenges and deal with difficult customer personas. Another element that may be missing from the current sales online training strategy is gamification. Though GBL and gamification are often mistaken for each other, they are 2 unique approaches. The latter uses game mechanics and incentives to enrich your sales online training course and boost employee motivation.

5. Peer Coaching

Peer coaching is one of the most budget-friendly sales online training activities. It also happens to be one of the most impactful, as it encourages employees to give/receive eLearning feedback and share their expertise with co-workers. There are numerous ways to launch a peer coaching program in your organization. Employees can split into pairs or groups based on shared challenges or interests. Or you can set up social media groups where everyone can gather online and share personal experiences. Whatever route you choose, create guidelines so everyone knows what’s involved and how to accept/deliver constructive criticism from co-workers.

6. Performance Pre-Assessments

Successful sales employees understand the value of personal evaluation. They know that there’s always something to improve on and that self-analysis is crucial for continual growth. So, give them the opportunity to pre-assess performance gaps before at key points in the employment cycle. You can also take a micro-evaluation approach and incorporate pop quizzes after each activity or online training course. The goal is to prompt them to spot patterns and trends in their performance behaviors. Are they forming bad habits? Do they need to cultivate better interpersonal skills to improve customer interactions?

7. Sales Technique Demos

Show sales staffer how it’s done with technique video demos. This is another task for top performers who can teach their peers a thing or two about pitching products and keeping customer loyalty. As well as everything that could possibly go wrong and how to recover from daily sales defeats. Like that customer who spends an hour discussing the product then decides to 'hold off' on the purchase. What can employees do to encourage them to make the buying decision today without resorting to gimmicks? Are there any add-ons or discounts they can offer to seal the deal? These demos teach employees how to uphold the company image and provide stellar CX. Even new hires who have very little on the job experience or are nervous about their new roles in the sales department.

Are these essential online training elements in your sales support library? If not, you might consider hiring an eLearning content provider to fill in the holes and maximize online training benefits for your team. Outsourcing also helps to stretch your budget because companies know how to repurpose existing assets and improve your employee development strategy. It’s also best to invest in a rapid eLearning authoring tool to update activities quickly based on evolving goals and compliance issues.

As a general rule, your sales team should be well-rounded. Is a new sales online training course worth the investment? Download the eBook Skyrocket Sales On A Global Scale: How To Launch A Successful Sales Online Training Program In Your Organization and get to know how to launch, enhance and retain successful programs in your organization.