6 Super-Charged Sales Online Training Techniques To Widen Your Profit Margin

6 Super-Charged Sales Online Training Techniques To Widen Your Profit Margin
Summary: Sales online training should help you widen your profit margin, not force you to spend more than you have to keep employees in-the-know. In this article, I share 6 techniques to help you skyrocket sales on a tight online training budget.

Extend Your Profit Margin With These Sales Online Training Techniques

The sales department is the primary contributor to your bottom line. Other teams impact your fiscal health, of course. For example, where would you be without skilled customer service staffers to handle complaints, returns, and general queries? However, increasing monthly sales is the most direct way to ensure your company’s success and widen your profit margin. Which means that you must train the team without spending a small fortune. They need to stay up-to-date with product knowledge, broaden their skills, and master company policies. Here are 6 super-charged sales online training techniques that can help you meet those requirements for a fraction of the cost.

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1. Launch Self-Paced Certification Paths

Certification paths cover the sales online training building blocks that every employee should know. For example, one online course delves into the POS checkout process. While another explores the negotiation skills to help staffers improve per-ticket sales. The key is to launch self-guided certification paths that allow employees to go at their own pace. They can choose online courses that resonate with them and their goals/gaps. Each path features the fundamentals they need to fulfill their job duties and improve productivity. You can even gather online training resources from existing online courses to develop unique paths and reduce L&D costs. For instance, simulations, demos, and tutorials from online training modules to create a compliance refresher online training course.

2. Host Live Events With Top Performers

Host live events with your top talent as guest speakers. They share everything they know about the topic or sales challenge. For example, one of your top performers hosts a 30-minute session regarding customer apprehension. How to address their questions and concerns tactfully to seal the deal and build loyalty. Attendees are able to benefit from the expertise of their peers and identify personal areas for improvement. As well as share pointers of their own with the group or commiserate about problematic customers. Bear in mind that this should never be a 'bashing' session. The point is to learn from past experiences and reflect on their performance behaviors. For instance, could they have handled the situation differently to achieve a better outcome?

3. Create A JIT Library For Product Knowledge

JIT libraries address specific pain points in your online training strategy. You can repurpose existing assets or even invite employee contributions to reduce spending and improve ROI. There should be a section dedicated to product knowledge. Populate it with eLearning infographics, demo videos, and product spec sheets for quick reference. You can even borrow online training resources from the vendor if they provide free online support tools. For example, online training tutorials for how to use the product or maintain it properly.

4. Pre-Asses To Identify Performance Gaps

Sales employees want to achieve their full potential. They know that performance behavior is tied to their sales record. That they must be able to disclose hidden gaps to hit their targets and provide better service. So, pre-assess sales staffers to identify those performance sticking points and give them the targeted online training resources they need. Better still, allow them to evaluate their own habits and behaviors with self-guided quizzes. Include eLearning feedback to point them in the right direction so that they can use the JIT library or certification paths to bridge gaps autonomously. This is also a more discreet way for them to reflect on their workplace challenges before it escalates into write-ups or manager interventions.

5. Develop Customer Service Simulations For Soft Skills

Create simulations that build real-world experience and expose sales employee training participants to different customer personas. They’re able to focus on soft skills that are more difficult to cultivate through traditional training. For example, the virtual customer walks into the store in a bad mood. They’re looking for a product but are unsure of their spending cap. The employee training participant must ask questions and actively listen to the customer. There’s also a fair amount of empathy and problem solving involved to keep them happy. Another key benefit of simulations is that employees learn from mistakes instead of making them in the workplace. They know how to handle irate or challenging customers who cause unnecessary stress. Because the sales online training techniques have prepared them for personality conflicts and other challenges they must face on the floor.

6. Set Up A Social Media Support Group For Sales Staff

Launch a social media group that’s exclusively for sales team members. It’s their place to share stories, tips, and online training resources' links. They also have the chance to let off some steam, which improves employee retention. For instance, one of the top performers had a difficult day. There were numerous customers who were unhappy about past purchases or asked a long list of questions, only to walk away with purchasing anything. The sales staffer logs into the group for moral support as well as to explore new approaches. Maybe a co-worker suggests a different tactic to seal more deals. At the very least, it gives them the opportunity to vent and gain better insight from peers. Peers from different backgrounds who can shed new light on the topic and help them continually improve their performance and/or retain their mental sanity.

These super-charged sales online training techniques require minimal investment for maximum impact. They personalize the process and allow sales employees to focus on their own areas for improvement. As well as hone skills that cover the entire customer service spectrum. From communication to problem-solving. Lastly, every item on this list has the potential to widen your profit margin and improve online training ROI. Thanks to the fact that employees stay engaged and you retain your top talent.

As a general rule, your sales team should be well-rounded. Is a new sales online training course worth the investment? Download the eBook Skyrocket Sales On A Global Scale: How To Launch A Successful Sales Online Training Program In Your Organization and get to know how to launch, enhance and retain successful programs in your organization.

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