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In the fast-paced corporate world, being able to quickly and effectively onboard new hires is a challenging process. SchoolKeep’s eBook Scalable Workforce Onboarding For Fast-Growing Brands is the ultimate guide towards establishing a scalable workforce onboarding process that ensures your recently hired employees and your partner network are up to speed with your company’s activities.

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SchoolKeep’s Scalable Workforce Onboarding For Fast-Growing Brands eBook is broken down into 11 key chapters.

The first chapter of the eBook is an introduction to the meaning of scalable workforce onboarding and what it entails. The impact of onboarding is then emphasized and how it contributes to the establishment of longer partnerships. To SchoolKeep, onboarding is not strictly limited to new hire training.  It also has to do with attracting potential talent and showcasing what the company is all about.

The eBook’s second chapter focuses on the hidden opportunity that lies in onboarding. What SchoolKeep makes clear from the first moment on is that when the needs of a company increase hiring new talent is not enough. Scalable workforce onboarding ensures new hires are trained well enough through automated processes that don't waste human resources.

In the third chapter of the eBook Scalable Workforce Onboarding For Fast-Growing Brands emphasis is put on how the user lifecycle explains workforce onboarding. The eBook covers all the stages an employee goes through, from learning about a company all the way to being hired by this company and eventually ending up in managerial roles, training other people.

The elements that comprise a great onboarding process is the topic the fourth chapter covers. According to that, an effective onboarding process is broken down into 3 key elements. First, there is the establishment of a robust training program, then process automation, and ultimately documentation or data collection of appropriate information.

There are 5 steps to great onboarding content. SchoolKeep emphasizes 5 major concepts towards the creation of scalable workforce onboarding content that’s effective. Define, outline, build, engage and measure are the steps a company has to follow to produce efficient onboarding. SchoolKeep makes use of Airbnb as an example of a company that has an exemplary method to onboard people who decide to work with them. Once again onboarding for SchoolKeep is not just about training new hires but also showing prospective employees or partners why they should work with them.

The Scalable Workforce Onboarding For Fast-Growing Brands eBook’s sixth chapter is about the importance of a content matrix in onboarding. A certain procedure has to be followed here as well, according to SchoolKeep. 5 notions are highlighted, namely awareness, interest, application, retention and advocacy.

The ever-present importance of brand values comes up in the context of onboarding. Much like every type of training your scalable workforce onboarding program has to be aligned with your company’s values. SchoolKeep proposes certain principles to remember when developing scalable workforce onboarding, such as the fact that employees represent the core of a company’s business.

The eighth chapter of the eBook Scalable Workforce Onboarding For Fast-Growing Brands focuses on prominent characteristics of effective onboarding and training formats. Mobile access and social learning are some of the characteristics that come up in that context.

Yes, you have designed and implemented your scalable workforce onboarding program. Now it’s time to measure its effectiveness. The ninth chapter highlights significant metrics to consider to evaluate the effectiveness of your scalable workforce onboarding program. If your customers’ positive reviews increase or there’s a reduced number of support tickets, then you know that something good’s happening with your onboarding program.

Return on investment is always an issue that concerns all companies investing in a training program. Immediate productivity, operational efficiencies and reduced support expenses are some of the aspects that comprise ROI of a scalable workforce onboarding program.

It is critical to learn what actually makes a great onboarding solution. In the last chapter of the eBook, focus is put once again on ROI and the features it’s supposed to deliver in an effective scalable workforce onboarding program.

Scalable workforce onboarding ensures best talent is attracted to your company. It also guarantees new hires are quickly and effectively trained. SchoolKeep has compiled a comprehensive eBook including best practices and things to consider when creating a scalable workforce onboarding program.

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