Onboarding Online Training: Formats, Measuring And ROI Aspects You Should Know About

Important Information About Formats, Measuring And ROI Aspects Of Scalable Workforce Onboarding

Scalable workforce onboarding is a demanding and intricate process. Filling in new hires on company product or service information, important company policies and performance issues is usually a central aspect of scalable workforce onboarding. However, knowing important aspects beforehand, such as formats, measuring and ROI can go a long way in structuring your scalable workforce onboarding program in an optimal manner.

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Characteristics Of The Best Onboarding And Training Formats

Whether for employees or channel partners, training and onboarding must be seamlessly embedded within your platform. Both functions are integral parts of the operations of your organization, not separate silos. Yet onboarding and training in the emerging SaaS-based economy demand additional characteristics.

  • Onboarding At The Time of Awareness
    Prospects should be able to easily access the onboarding platform as they research your organization online. Prominently display where that training can be found on your website, so it’s just a click away.
  • Training At The Point Of Need
    Instruction must be embedded intuitively so employees can dive into it at the point they need it. A screencast about best practices, for example, should be available at a strategic moment, not tucked away in an appendix; a tiptool about completing a given form should be clearly accessible on that form’s page.
  • Anytime, Anywhere Mobile Access
    For your workers to be able to log into learning 24/7 in the field, mobile-supported instruction is required. Today’s professionals won’t tolerate anything less.
  • Social Learning
    Offer new workers an easy gateway to internal experts and support staff when they have questions or hit a roadblock.

Measuring The Success Of Onboarding And Training

Several metrics can demonstrate the effectiveness of your onboarding program. First, there is the increased conversion of site visitors to completed applications. Then, you should also consider a shortened timeframe between completed application and first exchange. Pay attention to higher employee earnings, productivity or output and a reduced number of support tickets that show your scalable workforce onboarding program is working well. Last but not least, a higher lifetime value is your last sign.

A quality scalable workforce onboarding program will have the necessary tool to gather and analyze these metrics integrated into it, and will show how your training is moving the needle. For example, if your conversion rate stood at 10 percent before training was incorporated into the onboarding system but is 20 percent after, you know that training was a prime factor in improving the conversion rate. And if the needle isn’t moving, you have some insight into where you can improve. Your analytics can answer a lot of your questions.

  • At what point are users dropping off?
  • Is the onboarding process taking too long?
  • Is there too long a lag between application and first exchange?
  • Where can improved training content be inserted to help reduce churn and speed up TtV?

The ROI Of Scalable Workforce Onboarding

Measurable success in your onboarding and training has direct and indirect impact on your bottom line by reducing costs and increasing revenue.

  • Immediate Productivity
    Your workforce knows how to perform the first exchange right after they onboard.
  • Operational Efficiencies
    Better onboarding and training enables employees and partners to start taking assignments or making sales more successfully.
  • Reduced Support Expenses
    Fewer dollars are spent on costly support tickets since your workforce has already been well vetted and has the guidance they need to succeed.
  • Higher Earnings
    As more of your workforce is onboarded to your platform and beginning to earn, you are effectively pulling three different revenue growth levers: more workers, working with you for longer, doing a better job.

What Makes A Great Scalable Workforce Onboarding Solution?

Utilizing a scalable workforce onboarding solution clearly streamlines the workforce hiring process, but there are other advantages as well. It permits your organization to focus on its core operations, while also providing partners that are well-vetted and trained from day one.

Scalable workforce onboarding that delivers a high ROI should include several critical features:

  • Distributed
    Pick a solution able to function across multiple geographies.
  • Integrated
    It plugs into and plays well with your platform.
  • Scalable
    The solution grows as your business grows and attracts more partners.
  • Adaptable
    It delivers in all formats, whether video, text, interactive testing, animation, social learning or gamification.
  • Flexible
    The solution offers the capability to add new content and revise existing content.

However, the most important element of a scalable workforce onboarding platform is speed. Your onboarding should be streamlined and frictionless for the user, yet able to gather all relevant data and documents in a timely fashion.

Speedier onboarding results in workers who are able to perform their first assignment sooner, while serving as excellent representatives of your brand. Speedier onboarding turns employees, contractors and sellers into long-time partners by enabling their success and turning them into ambassadors and advocates.

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