SCORM Compliant Authoring Tools: 5 Killer Features

SCORM Compliant Authoring Tools: 5 Killer Features
Summary: Assessing your learners’ results can often be a hustle. Fortunately, SCORM compliant authoring tools have some nice features that can help you in this regard.

SCORM Compliant Authoring Tools: 5 Features Your Boss Wants To Know

Do you know how to measure the efficiency of your training simulations? Indeed, you can insert quizzes and analyze how well your learners are doing. But do you think that it is providing you with a complete and accurate vision about your learners’ skills? Thanks to SCORM compliant authoring tools, you can obtain a lot of data that will allow you to have every information you need to know about your audience.

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If you want to discover the 5 most awesome features SCORM compliant authoring tools have to offer, keep reading.

1. Track How Many Times Learners Have Practiced Your Learning Simulations.

When setting up classical classroom training, it is easy to see who attended the training, and who did not. All you have to do is checking who is physically present in the room, and who is not.

However, when you create serious games, the assessment part is a whole new story. Of course, online training sounds awesome at the first glance:

  • Learners can access their learning simulations anytime, anywhere.
  • You do not have to pay a trainer to handle the classroom training.
  • Learning modules can be used over and over again, without any additional costs.

But, think about it for a second. How can you know if your learners have practiced your content or not? And how many times they did it? I doubt you can have a clue, especially if they did it at home, from their personal laptop, from 10pm to 11pm.

Fortunately, SCORM compliant authoring tools are here to support you in this regard. New serious game authoring tools of the market, such as ITyStudio, can enable you to export your content at the SCORM format. This format will make it possible for you to know if your learners actually practiced your online training, as well as how many times they did it.

2. Know The Strengths And Weaknesses Of Your Learners.

Now, you should be able to know if your learners connected to your eLearning games, and how often they did it. But what if you could have an even deeper insight about the results of your learners? What if you could know where they succeeded, and where they failed?

Well, SCORM compliant authoring tools can help you to do that. By exporting to the SCORM format, you will be able to see if learners reached objectives and sub objectives or not. You will also have a precise vision on what they answered correctly, and where they failed.

The sum of this information will provide you with an accurate vision about the strengths and weaknesses of your learners.

3. Have An Accurate Vision About What Engages Your Learners.

Boredom is the worst enemy of corporate training. We all know it. Consequently, you can try several things, like diversifying your content, adding some gamification, creating well-rounded scenarios…

However, it is kind of hard to understand what engages your learners, and what does not. Nevertheless, thanks to SCORM compliant authoring tools, you can now go to the next level, and understand what part of your online training engaged your learners. For instance, if you see that, within your training modules, one is more practiced that the others, it is a good indicator that its content is appreciated by learners.

This way, you will know the kind of content to setup in order to engage your learners. Taking your pedagogical results to a whole new level.

4. SCORM Compliant Authoring Tools Enable You To Embrace The Features Of Any LMS Platform.

At the end of the day, what is a serious game authoring tool? Simply put, it is a software that enables you to produce learning content.

However, it rarely handles the availability of the content to the learners. To do so, you often have to use a platform called LMS (Learning Management System), that will spread your learning simulations to your entire organization, effortlessly.

SCORM compliant authoring tools will enable you to fully embrace the features of such platforms, because of the SCORM format. Thanks to it, you will have access to a lot of data, such as:

  • The number of connections of the learners.
  • The score of the learners.
  • The engagement rate of the learners.
  • At what time the learners practiced the learning simulations.
  • And much, much more!

This accurate visibility will help you to go the next level, and to always have a clear and efficient roadmap in mind for the next modules to come.

5. Get An Accurate Vision About The ROI Of Your Simulations.

When you create eLearning games, what is the purpose behind it? Exactly, skill improvement. But how can you know if your learners are getting better at a specific skill you are trying to transmit?

Well, you can do quizzes, assessments at the end of the training, give away some kind of diplomas… However, these are not great indicators of performance. It is not because a learner answered well to a quiz at the end of the course that you can consider that he acquired the skill.

With SCORM compliant authoring tools, you can have an accurate vision about the ROI of your simulations, because you have visibility on the long run about your learners’ results. If you see that a learner has completed 8 times a serious game about sales, and that he scored a great mark 6 times, it is a stronger indicator of performance than a simple quiz at the end of a course.

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In this article, we covered 5 killer features of SCORM compliant authoring tools.

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