Game-Based Learning

Who doesn’t love some friendly competition, even with themselves?! Find out what game-based learning is and how it can spice things up in your eLearning course.

February 5, 2018

Alternate Reality Games For Corporate Training: What About Participation?

In an ARG experience, the realism of the story is strong at the beginning and the player might not be sure whether they are even playing a game. This is particularly true in an entertainment ARG where 100% target audience participation is NOT required. In those instances, the ARG is often a tangential experience that enhances the main entertainment or learning objective. However, in business and education 100% target audience participation and completion is often necessary.
by Andy Petroski
February 3, 2018

The Rise Of Educational Games

Studying can often be a boring and mundane task for students and when they don’t have the motivation to study, their grades and test scores often suffer. Incorporating games into educational curriculum makes students more motivated and engaged in the lesson.
by Stephen Baer