eBook Release: Three Levers Of A Successful CLO

Free eBook: Three Levers Of A Successful CLO
Summary: The position of a Chief Learning Officer gathers more responsibilities as Learning and Development gains bigger and bigger niche of the market. This is what makes an eBook titled “Three Levers Of A Successful CLO” such an important read, in order for eLearning professionals to function at their best in and around this position. Performance transformation, learner experience, and operational efficiency are the three levers being analyzed, providing tips to overtake the competition.

L&D Takes Center Stage: Three Levers Of A Successful CLO

Organizations have always felt the importance of learning and training, but have rarely put them center stage. That mindset is now changing as organizations have more access to rich data. With the increased ability to link learning back to the bottom-line, organizations are realizing that the ROI of training programs is on-par with, and often even higher than, traditional investments, such as new technology, plant upgrades, and other more “tangible” investments.

eBook - Three Levers Of A Successful CLO
All you need to know about measuring the success of a Chief Learning Officer.

It isn’t just internal teams noticing this trend either, the market is taking notice. For example, Learning and Development topics are now being mentioned in over half of the covers of the Harvard Business Review Magazine. In addition, Learning and Development has also taken center stage in acquisition discussions, most notably marked by LinkedIn’s largest acquisition to date, paying $1.5 billion for Lynda.com.

It’s safe to say the debate is over now. Successful Learning and Development can set a company apart from competition, better engage and train employees, cut costs related to workplace inefficiencies, and create a lasting competitive advantage.

But, as you will read in the eBook Three Levers Of A Successful CLO, it is the job of the CLO to take a bigger picture view of their organization and to not solve for individual problems.

Instead, the most successful CLOs measure their success by their ability to impact these three areas:

  1. Performance Transformation
    Over the past 4-5 years, organizations have just started to scratch the surface of the role that L&D has in performance transformation. It is up to the CLO to continue driving this issue center-stage.
  2. Learner Experience
    To ignore the learning experience is to ignore the largest customer base for CLOs, which naturally makes it an important metric for success. It is also an important metric for CLOs because it has an enormous impact on the return on investment for content production and procurement activities.
  3. Operational Efficiency
    For the CLO who is continuously asked to do more with less, creating more operational efficiency is crucial to the success of their entire department.

The benefits of investment in Learning and Development continue to be signaled to the market, and Chief Learning Officers will be taking center-stage in the transformation of their organizations. To learn what you need to know about measuring the success of a CLO, download the eBook Three Levers Of A Successful CLO.

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