Switching From Traditional To Content Marketing: 9 Benefits For eLearning Companies

The Benefits Of Switching From Traditional To Content Marketing

Traditional marketing tactics may have been enough in past decades. But the digital age calls for modern marketing techniques that raise brand awareness, such as value-added content that turns readers into loyal customers or online learners. Here are 9 notable advantages of making the switch from traditional to content marketing for eLearning companies.

1. Reduce Marketing Costs

There are a variety of cost reducing benefits associated with content marketing. First and foremost, one piece of content is able to reach countless readers. And you don’t have to spend a dime to reach your audience, unlike PPC or other paid marketing strategies that involve a fee for each visitor or viewer. Content marketing also stands the test of time. Especially if you create evergreen articles or guides that avoid current trends or hot topics. Thus, you’ll continue to attract new readers, and customers, long after you publish.

2. Enhance Your Online Presence

eBooks, articles, guides, and other online content all help to expand your online presence. You even have the opportunity to link to social media pages, online forums, and sites that feature your branding. Thus, you steadily build a thriving network of potential customers or clients. All of whom are already familiar with your organization and the high quality information you provide.

3. Appeal To Your Target Audience

People who access your content are typically already interested in the topic. Or else they probably wouldn’t take out of their busy day to read your article or watch your video. This is particularly true when posting on an eLearning site, such as eLearning Industry, which has over 600,000 visitors every month. As a result, there’s a greater chance that your readers are going to convert into customers or enroll in your eLearning course. This is in stark contrast to traditional marketing techniques that take the “cast-the-net-wide” approach.

4. Increase Site Traffic

One of the biggest marketing challenges that modern organizations face is raising their online visibility. It’s difficult to know which techniques will bring visitors to your site. Even if you have a stellar product or service, it may be lost in the online shuffle. You have the ability to integrate site links and targeted keywords into your content. This improves your SEO and drives more organic traffic to your website, on an ongoing basis.

5. Promote Multiple Products Or Services Simultaneously

Many traditional marketing tactics focus on a single product or service. For example, PPC ads usually have word or character caps. Thus, you have to get your point across quickly and concentrate on your top seller. On the other hand, content marketing is typically a long-form strategy that allows you to promote multiple products or services at once. For instance, a single article or eBook may contain links to 10 different product pages or course catalogs. Likewise, a video has the power to visually engage prospects and showcase all of your services in one sitting.

6. Establish Yourself As An Industry Expert

One of the most convincing reasons for making the switch to content marketing is the trust factor. Every quality piece of content that you provide to your readership builds a rapport. It enhances your credibility and establishes you as an industry expert. People know that they can rely on you to give them the information they need without asking for anything in return. As a result, they will come back when they are ready to make their purchase, because you’ve set yourself a cut above the competition.

7. Enhance Your Brand Image

The content that you publish contains your brand messaging. It reflects the tone you want to convey to the public, and gives readers an idea of what your company represents. Thus, it enhances your brand images and raises awareness of your unique products and services. You can even integrate visual branding, such as logos and color schemes, as well as photos of your company’s headquarters or even photos of yourself to help people relate.

8. Interact With Potential Customers Directly

Content marketing is engaging and interactive. It gives you the chance to connect with prospects on a more personal level. For example, a brief post on Facebook leads to interesting debates or questions that bring more awareness to your brand. Articles prompt people to research your eLearning services and learn more about what you have to offer. So, they click on the embedded site link and end up becoming loyal learners. There are no roadblocks preventing you from reaching out to potential customers or vice versa. There’s even the possibility to form lasting business relationships with people who find you through a brief blog post or podcast.

9. Unexpected eLearning Opportunities

It’s not only potential customer or clients who access your content. Other eLearning professionals and organizations may also benefit from your articles, eBooks, and eLearning webinars. This leads to endless business opportunities, such as partnerships and the chance to work on exciting eLearning projects. For example, a well-known blogger may stumble across your content and then share it with their extensive network of subscribers. Or an L&D manager watches your tips and tricks video, leading to a profitable collaboration.

Content marketing helps you establish a solid online presence and build trust among your readership. These people are more likely to rely on your brand when it’s time to purchase products and services. After all, you’ve taken the time to build a rapport with them and offered valuable advice they wouldn’t find elsewhere. If you’re still wondering whether traditional or content marketing is the best approach for your eLearning business, consider these notable benefits.

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