Competency-Based Learning

Specify and recognize the term Competency-Based Learning. How is this involved in eLearning design and development? Find out at eLearning Industry.

The Evolution Of Competency-Based Learning In Healthcare

The Evolution Of Competency-Based Learning In Healthcare

Toyota invented the concept of “just-in-time” manufacturing—making only “what is needed, when it is needed, and in the amount needed”. No wasted investment of time and no material delivered before important in the context of doing the work. Manufacturing is a busy and complex industry with little room for things that do not help to directly accomplish the mission at hand. How is that different from the average Healthcare setting?
The 70:20:10 Methodology – Part 1: Why Have Competency Models For Learning And Development?

The 70:20:10 Methodology – Part 1: Why Competency Models For L&D?

Competency models and competency management play an important role in the world of Learning and Development. This is often based on the idea that there is a positive relationship between competencies and organizational results. Part1 of this series of articles is about the value and limitations of a competency model for L&D. These models are intended to describe the ‘what’ of work, which is valuable but also insufficient. The ‘how’ of Learning and Development is also important, and is described in a methodology. Part 2 focuses on the methods used in work, and part 3 on the 70:20:10 methodology.