Spotlight: Coronavirus Lockdown

In “Spotlight: Coronavirus Lockdown,” we discuss the pandemic that caused a global lockdown unlike anything the world has ever seen. How will this impact our ways of living, working, and learning? What do eLearning L&D professionals have at their disposal to deal with this crisis? Follow our series of special articles as we put COVID-19 under the spotlight.

This series of articles will be a collaboration among thought leaders of many different backgrounds from all over the world. However, we are always happy to host the stories of all members of our esteemed eLearning community. Please consider sharing your personal experiences and opinions about the situation with us by submitting your own article.

May 26, 2021 | Sponsored

Taking Another Look At Engagement In Online Courses And Training Developed As A Result Of COVID

When the COVID-19 virus shut down everything last year, many institutions had to quickly revise face-to-face courses or institutional trainings to be offered online. Now that these have been implemented for a while, it is a great time to take another look and evaluate the level of engagement and interactivity, which is so important to learning. If your experience is anything like mine, having the time to transform face-to-face courses and trainings did not allow for the level of engagement that would have been possible given more time. In this article, I have provided simple ways to increase the level of learner engagement and interest.
by Ann Jackson, ED.D