Spotlight: Coronavirus Lockdown

In “Spotlight: Coronavirus Lockdown,” we discuss the pandemic that caused a global lockdown unlike anything the world has ever seen. How will this impact our ways of living, working, and learning? What do eLearning L&D professionals have at their disposal to deal with this crisis? Follow our series of special articles as we put COVID-19 under the spotlight.

This series of articles will be a collaboration among thought leaders of many different backgrounds from all over the world. However, we are always happy to host the stories of all members of our esteemed eLearning community. Please consider sharing your personal experiences and opinions about the situation with us by submitting your own article.

July 1, 2021

Adapting To Post-Pandemic Learning Practices

The pandemic brought with it a lot of reactive change in terms of learning delivery, but as pandemic measures begin to lift, more changes will occur, and it is not simply a case of reverting to pre-pandemic practices. How will you adapt to the changes on the horizon?
by Stephen Millard