Spotlight: Coronavirus Lockdown

In “Spotlight: Coronavirus Lockdown” we discuss the pandemic that caused a global lockdown, unlike anything the world had ever seen.  How will this impact our ways of living, working and learning? What eLearning do L&D professionals have at their disposal to deal with this crisis? Follow our series of special articles, as we put  COVID-19 under the spotlight.

This series of articles will be a collaboration between thought leaders from many different backgrounds all over the world. However, we are always happy to host the stories of all members of our esteemed eLearning  community. Please consider sharing your personal experiences and opinions about the situation with us by submitting your own article.

March 27, 2020

How Technology Brings Inquiry To The Forefront Of Learning— Especially In A Crisis

Schools have been closing, one after another; for most of us, this is a very strange reality. There is no doubt that many members of the educational community thought that this would put our work on hold until the crisis is over—and for some, it will. But, this is the 21st-century. All the theory about innovative methods in education is now called to action, at least for those of us who have the privilege to implement distance learning programs.
by Kalliopi (Pepy) Meli