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October 11, 2013

How To Help Your Tech Teams Love Learning Design

Many learning designers in large organizations find themselves working together with multimedia technicians, web designers, graphic designers and other specialists who actually create the online materials that students will use. This can lead to tensions due to differing perspectives and priorities. These differences though can be sources of creativity if approached constructively by the team. Consider the following 5 tips to help you work together with your team, make your learning design pop and keep the love levels high at the same time.
by David Hilton
March 20, 2013

Starting A New eLearning Project - Questions To Ask Before You Start

Asking the right questions at the start of a project can save time, money and reduce the amount of re-work on e-learning projects. Before the instructional and graphic design starts there are some questions that should be asked at the start of each project. Do you take time to go through and set up your project or do your get straight into the design?

by Scott Hewitt