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October 3, 2018

5 Communication Secrets Of Effective Remote Teams

eLearning professionals often work as part of remote teams. Working remotely comes with a unique set of challenges, as communicating and working together this way is different than working together in an office. Remote teams need to set up the right means of communicating and collaborating.
by Marina Pregl
September 28, 2018

9 Questions To Ask At eLearning Project Kickoff

What information do you usually collect during a project kickoff? Is it enough to mitigate potential risks, like adjusting for changes in scope, handling unstable content, or meeting shifting deadlines? Ask these 9 questions at the start of the project to help you identify potential obstacles.
by Crystal Hunter
August 5, 2018

15 Best Project Management Software For eLearning Teams

When it comes to managing your eLearning projects, you may think over at times that you are missing out something to keep things on tracks. In this article, I am highlighting the best online Project Management tools you should have at your disposal to produce extraordinary eLearning experiences.
by Priya Thakur