8 Crucial Skills That Your eLearning Project Manager Must Possess

8 Crucial Skills That Your eLearning Project Manager Must Possess
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Summary: Not sure what traits to look for when hiring an eLearning Project Manager? Or are you an eLearning Project Manager who needs to expand their skill sets in preparation for the next eLearning project? This article covers 8 crucial talents that an eLearning Project Manager must possess.

The Skills Every eLearning Project Manager Must Possess

An eLearning Project Manager ensures that, no matter what, the eLearning project runs smoothly and stays on budget. They delegate tasks, resolve conflicts, and serve as a go-between for the client and eLearning team. In short, they wear a lot of hats and must rise to the occasion to accomplish the L&D goals on schedule. But what really sets a successful eLearning Project Manager apart from the rest? These 8 essential eLearning Project Management skills can make or break your next eLearning project.

1. Planning

The planning phase is crucial to the overall success of the eLearning project. The eLearning Project Manager should know how to evaluate and organize resources, as well as determine which team member is best suited for each task. There are various aspects they need to evaluate. From the budget and current training analysis to the skills of their collaborators. So, you want to employ someone that can look at both the macro and microscope of the eLearning project. Someone that pays attention to detail and can also problem solve when a challenge comes up.

2. Leadership

An eLearning Project Manager doesn’t work alone, they have a team of individuals that require a reliable leader. Your eLearning Project Manager must be able to motivate and get everyone in line with the vision of the eLearning project. They should know their eLearning team inside-out so they can get the most out of every individual. Lastly, a sound leader needs to be able to step back from time to time and let the pros work their proverbial magic. For example, hand over the reins temporarily to a fellow team member who has unique expertise.

3. Time Management

Along with managing people, an eLearning Project Manager must manage time. Deadlines are crucial for every eLearning project. They are usually set during the planning phase and must be met to ensure the best ROI. This involves both hard deadlines and team milestones. Another crucial time management trait is the ability to create a cushion that allows for revisions and unforeseen issues.

4. Communication

How a team communicates depends on how they see management communicate to them. You need an eLearning Project Manager who is open to communication and gives everyone a chance to voice their ideas. They should utilize every medium of communication to make sure that everyone knows their task and gets it done. Ineffective communication skills often lead to ambiguous objectives or subpar work. The eLearning Project Manager must also have an open-door policy allowing individuals from the eLearning team to approach them at any time with problems or concerns, which also requires an apt active listener.

5. Resource Management

An eLearning Project Manager needs to be familiar with every aspect of the eLearning project. Even down to the content that is being created. They don’t need to be a Subject Matter Expert, per se. However, they should know enough to be able to verify the data. Resource management also pertains to how well they’re able to realize the client’s vision with the available funds/tools.

6. Problem Solving

Problems are bound to arise during any eLearning project, even if you’ve planned for every eventuality and have a talented team on-board. A successful eLearning Project Manager is willing and ready to overcome these challenges and use their lateral thinking abilities. Instead of just seeing one approach to the problem, they view it from various angles. They also tap into the talents of their eLearning team to brainstorm possible solutions and aren’t afraid to ask for help or guidance.

7. Negotiation

An eLearning Project Manager must not only accommodate the needs of their client/upper management but also their team’s. This requires negotiation skills to ensure that everyone gets what they want without compromising the success of the eLearning project. For example, the stakeholders request changes to the deliverable that will put them over budget. The eLearning Project Manager must either find a way to work with the current resources or negotiate a higher price to cover the costs. Or even persuade the client to leave things as-is if they feel that’s the best option. They must also negotiate matters with their eLearning team to make certain that collaborators perform at their best. For instance, a member of the team requests time off for a vacation in the middle of the eLearning project. Thus, the eLearning Project Manager must find a way to keep the individual happy without compromising the eLearning project deadline.

8. Risk Assessment

Every eLearning project involves some level of risk. But an effective eLearning Project Manager knows how to evaluate the situation from every angle and determine if it’s worth the risk. For example, they want to extend the deadline a month in order to improve the content and add various design elements. But is it really worth the risk of upsetting the client or negatively impacting their audience? Or should they stick with the current deliverable, even if it might not be their best work? A great eLearning Project Manager weighs all the options and uses their past experience and insight to make the best decision for all parties involved.

For an eLearning project to be successful, it is important that you have an eLearning Project Manager who truly understands the role. They must possess these 8 crucial skills and be dedicated to the eLearning team to ensure that everyone gets the support they require, knowing very well that the outcome of the eLearning project heavily depends on their experience, talents, and solid work ethic. Use this article to choose an eLearning Project Manager who offers the complete package and helps you improve your eLearning ROI.

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