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October 14, 2015

Storyboarding Is A Total Waste Of Time

Using digital tools to create the final courseware or gamification content could be easily changed from feedback received from coworkers or customers. The effort required to create a storyboard was, in my estimation, a total waste of time. Why spend the effort bothering with mock ups? How wrong I was.
by Ken Whitaker
September 6, 2015

4 Mistakes Creating an eLearning Course

If an eLearning course doesn’t truly engage the self-motivated student, you’ll have a failure on your hands. Many of us think the transition of live workshop courseware to eLearning is as easy as recording an existing PowerPoint as a movie for viewing on a LMS website. I made plenty of mistakes attempting to create a self-study course directly from a traditional, live classroom course. It is easy to underestimate the courseware preparation and content differences between eLearning and traditional classroom learning.
by Ken Whitaker