Gamification Benefits

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July 20, 2018

How To Use Games To Market Your Learning Program

One of the major challenges HR and L&D professionals face is getting the employees to get interested in the learning programs. Games or rather game-based learning can help here. This article will focus on how a company can market its so-called boring learning programs and make them interesting.
by Deepak Gawas
July 19, 2018

The Right Way To Use Gamification

Always wondered whether it's possible to use gamification in a way that's authentic to your organization and brand? We dive into the context, clarity, and structure that lets you fit gamification into your learning strategy in a complementary, not cheesy, way.
by Jason Bacaj
June 3, 2018

Game Thinking In Action: ATD ICE 2018

When a stakeholder comes to you with "we need training yesterday", it is often too late. You are considered an order taker, a learning blender. Using game thinking might be worth a try to move from "order taking" to problem-solving.
by Zsolt Olah