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February 25, 2018

8 Ways To Simplify Your Online Teaching Approach

One of the biggest challenges of online teaching is the feeling of being overwhelmed. Your students feel it. And so do many online teachers! But when you simplify your systems and processes, you reduce student confusion, increase overall clarity, and make your online teaching more effective.
by Dr. Liz Hardy
February 22, 2018

Mini Learning Factories: #1 Way To Leverage Hidden Learning Heroes In Your Organization

Through their LMS, the State of Arizona has developed over 7,000 mini learning factories—led by supervisors—that build and track custom learning paths for over 63,000 people. Supervisors can publish custom content for their teams and request permission to share it with other groups. Let's explore whether mini learning factories are a viable option for your organization.
by Regina Blakely
February 8, 2018

How Companies Deliver Customer Training, Part 1

Today's forward-thinking companies are using new approaches to customer training – including online webinars, knowledge bases, live chat, and online courses. These are just the tools, however. In this two-part article, we’ll explore 4 ways to deliver effective customer training and, most importantly, how to augment them with eLearning.
by Nick Santaniello