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April 24, 2017

How To Convert Instructor-Led Training To eLearning

With pressures on training budgets, many organizations are evaluating conversion of existing ILT material to online delivery. This article outlines how you can do this effectively and how you can integrate current and emerging trends into your online training strategy to do so.
by Asha Pandey
March 13, 2017

Magnifying TalentLMS' Teleconference Prowess With Zoom

It’s all fine and dandy, going asynchronous and eLearning, until a topic arises that you need to present live. Then you need a video session: This is where TalentLMS’ teleconference options make your day, as it integrates with, not to mention a bunch of other solutions. Let’s check them out.
by Nikos Andriotis
February 11, 2017

8 Powerful Ideas To Get To Know Your Learners

Ever wonder why some learners excel when taking eLearning or instructor-led training (ILT) courses while others don’t? Have you ever put in various interactions and activities in your online training and the learners’ assessment scores come out mediocre? Take a look and see what you may be missing in order to get to know your learners.
by Abigail (Abbie) Martin
January 18, 2017

Questions To Ask For A Successful Training Program Roll Out

When you are planning a software training program roll out, you initially concentrate on what you are going to teach – objectives, curriculum, instructors. However, getting the logistics correct, such as the training room and technical setup, and even the coffee and snacks, can also be important to the success of your training program.
by Sanjay Nasta