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May 13, 2015

How To Create A Motivational eLearning Experience: 6 Tips For eLearning Professionals

To create factors that stimulate the desire and energy in your learners to be continually interested and committed to your eLearning course; this is the art of eLearning motivation. But how can you perfect this art? In this article I will share 6 key tips to create motivational eLearning courses, so that you can offer your audience a deeply interesting and engaging eLearning experience.
by Christopher Pappas
May 1, 2015

Get Them Hooked: 6 Tips To Improve Learner Retention In eLearning Courses And Avoid Drop-Outs

There are few things as frustrating as spending countless hours developing an eLearning course and investing an abundance of resources, only to find that learner retention rates are falling short of expectations. In this article, I’ll share 6 tips you can use to direct learners’ attention in eLearning, so you can improve learner retention in eLearning and avoid drop-outs in order to ensure the success of your eLearning deliverable.
by Christopher Pappas
April 29, 2015

How To Use The Endowed Progress Effect To Motivate Corporate Learners In eLearning?

In technology-aided elearning, motivation plays even a stronger role as the elearning effort is self-led and depends completely on the interest of the learner. So, e-learning developers, instructional designers and even subject matter experts are often pondering over the ways to keep learners motivated within the elearning environment. A strategic way of creating a suitable ‘push’ for learning is adopting the endowed progress effect.
by Heena Nanda
April 24, 2015

6 Tips To Engage Passive Learners In eLearning

In this article, I’ll share some tips on how you can create eLearning deliverables that turn even the most passive learners into engaged, excited, and motivated ones who achieve profound change thanks to your eLearning course. Read the following tips to engage passive learners in eLearning converting your eLearning course into a memorable experience.
by Christopher Pappas
April 22, 2015

5 Tips To Enhance Motivation In eLearning

Well begun is half done; and as regards the eLearning experience, motivation is not only a very good start, but also a particularly critical key in the effectiveness of your eLearning course. In this article I will share 5 tips to enhance motivation in eLearning, so that you will be able to inspire your learners to eagerly experience your eLearning deliverable.
by Christopher Pappas
April 9, 2015

Learning Motivation For Employee Engagement

From many points of view Employee Engagement is critical for business success and in a broader sense a digital transformation has to take place regardless of the market segment a corporation belongs to. This transformation must include new innovative solutions that motivate employees to produce, share, acquire and retain knowledge, in order to be successful. What a better content/theme then to infuse through a modern Learning Motivation Environment than Corporate Culture, the hottest issue for Employee Engagement.
by Elias Parlavantzas
January 26, 2015

Common Core Standards and Handwriting: From Babel to Babbling!

Handwriting and it's cousin, Cursive writing is an art form in itself. For years, scribes of differing cultures strive to dictate and journalize the coming and goings of history. The Story of the Tower of Babel is an interesting one: Let’s revisit the text from Genesis 11: 6, 7 KJV: 6 And the LORD said , Behold, the people is one, and they have all one language; and this they begin to do: and now nothing will be restrained from them, which they have imagined to do . 7 Go to, let us go down, and there confound their language, that they may not understand one another's speech.
by Fred Irving Williams
January 10, 2015

The Top 7 eLearning Benefits For Busy Adult Learners

Busy work schedules, hectic personal lives, and a lengthy list of responsibilities on both fronts, may prevent adult learners from continuing their education. At least, this used to be the case. Today, thanks to eLearning, it is possible for adult learners to further their education and develop necessary skill sets online. In this article, I'll highlight just a few of the many benefits of eLearning for busy adult learners who are always on the run.
by Christopher Pappas
November 25, 2014

6 Tips To Motivate Your Employees in Online Training

In this article, I'll share a variety of online training motivation tips that will allow you to create interactive and engaging online training experiences for your employees. Whether you're trying to increase training effectiveness or want to make mandatory training memorable, these techniques can help you achieve your goal.
by Christopher Pappas