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July 13, 2016

8 Nudges To Motivate Corporate Learning

Nudge theory is being discussed worldwide and used by administrators to motivate people to take the right decisions. Nudges have also been used in learning motivation, but perhaps not consciously or extensively. This article suggests 8 “nudges” that employers can use to motivate corporate learners.
by Sonia Bhattacharyya
June 1, 2016

God's Letter To The Struggling Online Student

This is the letter from God to students enrolled in online courses. It discusses the unique problems online students face and offers them words of solace and encouragement. With faith, patience, and perseverance, a struggling online student can use the new opportunities they have to make their future better.
by Aditya Singhal
April 7, 2016

Distance Learning: 10 Ways To Keep Your Motivation High

While eLearning provides a convenient way to acquire knowledge, the lack of face-to-face and personal interaction poses a great challenge in sustaining interest in the course or program. This article provides 10 pragmatic ways for students to remain engaged in distance learning and complete their online course.
by Mary Kleim