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March 26, 2014

Listen Up - Coursera, iVersity, and Udemy!!!

I recently took a couple of courses from Coursera and iVersity. The former is an established American name in the world of MOOCs while the latter is European and showing tremendous growth. I also took a course from Udemy, which is a major player in delivering reasonably good quality free and paid courses. In this post, I’ve…well…identified a few basic issues related to learner engagement.

by Rupen Sharma
February 25, 2014

Online Learning - What do we actually mean?

With their Online Language Learning Challenge The Guardian wants to find out if it’s possible to learn languages purely through the use of online tools by discussing the topic with readers and experts. Most people have doubts that learning online would get you as far as being able to speak a new language fluently. But there seem to be very different understandings of what online learning actually means.

by Ansgar Frankenberg
January 6, 2014

Confused over buying A product? Why not take THEIR MOOC!

As more companies spend meaninglessly huge amounts of money on corporate training and advertisements, a fictional company attempts to change the whole scene of consumer interaction and training with education and technology. Can a MOOC-for-training be the answer to the financial woes of the corporate sector?

by Navleen Kaur
December 9, 2013

MOOCs and Consequences

For many years now, I have been in regular contact with universities all around the world, and I find most of them ill prepared for the digital future. Indeed, they do not even seem to have thought about its most obvious implications. 

by Erwin Haeberle
December 6, 2013

MOOCs: Fact or Fiction

MOOCs have been likened to Monsters many a times. But has educational technology been able to successfully tame them? There is an anticipation of the time when the MOOCs will take shape and mature. There is more to MOOCs than we think. Read to know more.

by Navleen Kaur
November 25, 2013

Video Games and Learning: MOOC Story

I just finished a great class titled “Video Games and Learning”. K. Squire and C. Steinkuehler from the University of Wisconsin–Madison taught the 6 week course via to ~40,000 students including me. The class focused on Massively Multiplayer Online (MMO) video games.

by Anne Knowles
November 19, 2013

This house believes MOOCs are doomed

This is the provocative motion of this year’s ONLINE EDUCA BERLIN debate. The much-imitated event is a perennial favorite at the Conference; year after year, its mixture of incisive analysis, provocative statesmanship, audience participation and good plain fun make it one of the biggest crowd-pullers. by Alasdair MacKinnon

by OEB News Team