Free MOOC Teachers Teaching Online

Free MOOC: Teachers Teaching Online

Teachers Teaching Online (TTO) is a free and open course created and hosted by Jason R. Levine (also known as Fluency MC). TTO features presentations by 19 leading online learning experts demonstrating their techniques and sharing knowledge of their experience in classes in WizIQ. Participants can attend live or watch the class recordings at any time.

List of presenters:

Jack Askew, Marisa Constantinides, David Deubelbeiss, Dr. Nellie Deutsch, Sylvia Guinan, Vicky Hollett, Rich Kiker, Jason R. Levine, Mark Barnes, Vicky Loras, Nik Peachey, Heike Philp, Barbara Hoskins Sakamoto, Chuck Sandy, Ludmila Smirnova, Graham Stanley, Shelly Sanchez Terrell, Liz Walker, and Andrew Wickman

TTO is free and open to all teachers interested in getting started in online teaching and those seeking to develop their skills.

Session topics include: building your audience, creating courses (live, async, big, small), course management, using tools in the virtual classroom, stimulating class discussions, assigning work to students, assessing students' performance, using media in the classroom, and marketing your courses.

You can check out the class schedule here

What does it take to succeed as an online teacher?

Reading blogs and watching YouTube videos isn't enough. You need to learn from experts in action and have the chance to network with online teachers from all over the world.

After each class in TTO there will be discussions on the class pages in WizIQ, where you can ask questions and make comments.

Worried about not having enough time to do this course? Don’t be!

TTO is designed for busy teachers with limited time for online professional development. It's self-paced and the workload is light: to earn a Certificate of Participation you need only attend or watch 4 one-hour classes, chat on the class pages, and take short online quizzes to check your understanding of the material.

Here is the link to the TTO course page. It includes a short video of Jason talking about the course: