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May 14, 2013

What I Learned from Harvard: MOOC Story Wrap-up

Through the final weeks of my Harvard MOOC experience, I learned a few things about setting rigorous expectation in a course, the value of competency-based grading (or “badges,” to fit the trending lingo), and how to plan for a final project that is valuable to students. 

by Joseph Kern
March 10, 2013

Business Opportunities Around MOOC

MOOC (massive open online courses) become popular more and more. Lots of people are involved in a discussion about MOOC. E-Learning portals publish news and press releases related to MOOC every day. Millions of students learn courses and leave their feedback. One of most popular discussions related to MOOCs is about if is this possible MOOCs replace traditional higher education. 

by Roman Gelembjuk
January 19, 2013

Learning from Harvard: MOOC story, pt4

This latest installment of my quest to find online best practice from inside Harvard’s CS50x MOOC took a slightly different direction than previous weeks. Now that I’m in the groove of the course, I have been able to reflect less on working with the content and more on working with my peers in the class. And I’ve realized that I’m not a very strong asset to them.

by Joseph Kern
December 20, 2012

Learning from Harvard: MOOC story, pt2

Continuing my elaborate plan to take CS50x, the introductory computer programming MOOC from Harvard, and to share what I’m learning about quality online course design from the student perspective, this week began some real programming, complete with cryptic coding commands, and lots of time spent staring and/or cursing at the computer screen while trying to figure out exactly why the program wasn't working.  (As such, you may notice a more negative batch of comments this time around).  Let’s see what this week had to offer…

by Joseph Kern
December 12, 2012

What I'm Learning From Harvard: A MOOC Story

Taking a bit of my own advice, I recently started working through a computer programming MOOC from Harvard, with the goal of distilling out teaching tips and online course ideas from a student’s perspective.  While learning some useful job skills, I will share my experience to help designers of MOOCs and traditional online classes think about best practices in their course design.

by Joseph Kern
December 3, 2012

Converting Large Group Classes to Massive Online Courses

Last month, the NY Times declared 2012 as the year of the MOOC. With so many educators and students involved in these courses, we should think about how we can best convert the university course experience to this new, scalable online experience. For simplicity, let's break the process of transferring knowledge into three parts: instruction, coaching, and assessment / feedback.

by Scott Rapp