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November 2, 2017

7 Tips To Boost Self-Confidence In Online Training

If you believe that you can achieve, success is always within your grasp. But how can you facilitate this vital trait in your employees so that they can take your organization to the top? In this article, I’ll share 7 tips for boosting the self-confidence of your corporate learners.
by Nipun Sharma
September 27, 2017

7 Tips To Enhance Problem-Solving Skills In Online Training

Problems are a part of everyday life. However, eLearning professionals have the power to equip their corporate learners with all the online tools and resources they need to overcome any obstacle. In this article, I'll share 7 tips for enhancing your employees' problem-solving skills through online training.
by Nipun Sharma
September 3, 2017

Top 3 Soft Skills Every Training Program Should Target

Soft skills constitute an immutable need to every company’s operations. There are certain soft skills all employees of a company are expected to have regardless of level or position, in order for the company to prosper. In this article, I’ll present the top 3 soft skills every soft skills training program should focus on and try to develop.
by Erin Boettge
August 27, 2017 | Sponsored

Conducting A Successful Soft Skills Training Program: 4 Crucial Aspects You Cannot Overlook

Soft skills are a prerequisite in almost every corporate position. Although we sometimes take soft skills for granted, reality has shown that many employees lack them. Fortunately though, there is a way to help employees develop soft skills, or at least improve them. In this article, I’ll present 4 crucial aspects you cannot overlook if you want to run a successful soft skills training program.
by Erin Boettge
August 22, 2017

Free eBook: How To Measure The Impact Of Employee Soft Skills Training

Deep knowledge of the subject matter is definitely a must-have in every industry. However, soft skills are an indispensable part in any position. Although having soft skills is taken for granted nowadays, reality has proved quite the opposite. The free eBook How To Measure The Impact Of Employee Soft Skills Training showcases what to focus on in an employee soft skills training program as well as how to measure its success. In this article, I’ll highlight what BizLibrary’s free eBook is all about.
by Christopher Pappas