eBook Release: Trainer’s Guide – Influencing Your Stakeholders

Free eBook: Trainer’s Guide – Influencing Your Stakeholders
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Summary: Regarding how a TD department should run, putting things in order is not a simple task. Requests and needs will always be piling up, and this is why you must treasure the advice found here. A very helpful case study is presented, plus impactful training initiatives, but the real treats are ATD's stacked development framework.

Trainer's Guide – Influencing Your Stakeholders

To think a trainer needs to say yes to all training requests is something out of an organization's reality; out of online training resources and budget, to be precise. Spending some time with Trainer’s Guide – Influencing Your Stakeholders you'll be reassured that you’re not there to offer easy solutions, but to take the company further. You firstly must treat online training with creative thinking.

Trainer’s Guide – Influencing Your Stakeholders
Discover how to work with different stakeholders and transition from order taker to impact maker!

You'll come to understand the value of this read by comprehending how to treat a training request, how to improve your Instructional Design practice, the essence of what it is your organization creates, and if this product or service aims for the head or the heart. After all the crucial insight, the focus turns to your budget, with smart tips on how to defend it. Finally, all these are ideally enclosed in a formula that is case-studied.

About The eBook

In Trainer’s Guide – Influencing Your Stakeholders you’ll find answers that will help you with the work a talent development department must deliver: What you should do with rightful training requests (others may not be so rightful), how to tell when training is the solution to the problem, and how your actions can remain within the limits set by your budget. ATD guarantees to bring you impact and alignment and presents reliable proofs in the last pages. Let’s take a look at this eBook’s key chapters:

  • Dealing With Misguided Training Requests
  • When Is Training The Answer?
  • What Does Your Organization Create?
  • Tips For Defending Your Budget
  • Case Study: Comcast's Winning Formula – Impact And Alignment

Training requests are the start of your interaction with other departments of your organization, and the start of the Trainer’s Guide – Influencing Your Stakeholders. You have to decide whether you can form an achievable goal, if resources are available, and what the short-term impact will be.

Unsurprisingly, training is not always the answer. To avoid treating technical, interpersonal, process-based, or performance-based issues with training, try to apply the 5 Whys. To do this you must gather a group of people affected by the problem, define it, and, if possible, observe it. Having assigned a facilitator for the group, he or she should address the question “why is the problem occurring?” and form 5 questions from the answers the group gives. Then assign action items and next steps based on the answers.

Coming to deal with what your organization creates is also crucial for the procedure. What is proposed here is that you have to aim for the heart. Tie a purpose to your vision to add emotion and achieve engagement with your customers. This is something trainers must always have in mind. More specifically, go for simplicity, boundaries, role expectations, training, task prioritization, coaching and feedback, decision filter, and attracting people.

Having enriched your online training with purpose, it is important to ensure that your training programs are aligned with the strategic direction of the organization. To count your steps right, Comcast offers some tips that will surely be appreciated. For instance, you must know your audience, always document so you can later give account, know your numbers well, be prepared, and don’t get defensive towards your manager. And, of course, have a plan B.

Lastly, get a better idea of how far organizing your talent development department can get you: read the story of the fundamental changes Comcast took to get there. Added to that, you are presented with ATD's stacked development framework, which is here to optimize your online training courses.

If you’re interested in valuable insight into successfully working with different stakeholders, download this eBook Trainer’s Guide – Influencing Your Stakeholders today.

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