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August 29, 2015

The Top 10 TED Talks For eLearning Professionals

Exploring a learning topic from a whole new perspective is a rare opportunity. Fortunately, TED talks offer the chance to dive into the minds of other educators, subject matter experts, and eLearning professionals. In this article, I'll introduce 10 talks that are definitely worth a watch.
by Christopher Pappas
April 23, 2013

What The Training Business Can Learn From Amanda Palmer

Empowered by Amanda Palmer's outlook, can you change your behavior to be more learner-centric? Can you use these simple principles to connect more effectively with both your clients and your learners? Will you be able to serve as a reliable, trusted connector to provide your learners additional opportunities to learn, explore and increase their performance, all without knowing that they've been "trained?"
by Ron Arnold, Ed.D.