The Top 10 TED Talks For eLearning Professionals

The Top 10 TED Talks For eLearning Professionals
Summary: Exploring a learning topic from a whole new perspective is a rare opportunity. Fortunately, TED talks offer the chance to dive into the minds of other educators, subject matter experts, and eLearning professionals. In this article, I'll introduce 10 talks that are definitely worth a watch.

Top 10 TED Talks eLearning Professionals Should Not Miss

TED talks are inspirational and innovative speeches that delve into the presenter's topic of choice. Each video features stories, tips, and helpful insights that you won't find elsewhere, all packed into an 18 minute time limit. Here are the top 10 TED talks that eLearning professionals won't want to miss!

  1. Eddie Obeng: Smart Failure For A Fast-Changing World.
    One of the most valuable teaching tools we can offer our corporate learners is the ability to benefit from their mistakes. Failure is not the end; it is the beginning of a learning experience that leads to personal and professional growth. Eddie Obeng delivers an amazing Ted Talk about our quickly changing world, the constant struggle to create bigger and better things, and shares three essential changes that everyone must understand in order to boost productivity. He also encourages viewers to believe in the power of “smart failure” to keep up with the ever-changing environment.
  2. Salman Kahn: Let’s Use Video To Reinvent Education.
    Salmam Khan, founder of the Khan Academy, shares the inspiration behind the concept and why he chose to create the online video curriculum. He also delves into the benefits and educational power of interactive eLearning materials, and challenges all instructors to make the switch to a blended learning approach. His suggestions include viewing eLearning videos at home using tech tools in the classroom. This Ted talk will offer you new ideas that you can integrate into your training strategy to increase interactivity and improve performance.
  3. Anant Agarwal: Why Massive Open Online Courses (Still) Matter.
    Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) and their importance in online learning is the discussion topic in this fascinating TED Talk hosted by Anant Agarwal, head of edX. It emphasizes how open courses can be used to supplement learning and deliver "high level learning" to the masses. Agarwal also offers insight into the future of blended learning, and the role it might play in the 21st century classroom. If you've been looking for additional ways to use MOOCs in your training plan or want to learn more about the benefits of open courses in modern training environments, this is the talk to watch.
  4. Tom Chatfield: 7 Ways Games Reward The Brain.
    Gamification is quickly becoming one of the most popular training approaches, thanks to the wide range of motivational benefits it brings to compliance and performance management courses. Chatfield delves into the psychology of games and how reward systems engage learners' minds and prompt them to keep coming back for more. This is a must-watch for training developers who ate thinking about adding gamification to their design strategy.
  5. Chris Anderson: How Web Video Powers Global Innovation.
    A presentation from one of TED's own, Chris Anderson, who discusses the growing popularity of web video and "Crowd Accelerated Innovation" it is fueling. He specifically talks about the power of this "self-fueling cycle of learning" in online training experiences, and how organizations can use it to their advantage by encouraging open-minded innovation and radical thinking.
  6. Adora Svitak: What Adults Can Learn From Kids.
    Adora Svitak, a spirited child prodigy, explores the idea of child-like thinking, and how adult learners could benefit from dreaming big and sparking their creativity. She makes the point that kids' wild ideas deserve respect and that adults should be willing and ready to learn from the younger generation. It is a refreshing talk from a unique perspective that every eLearning pro should watch, particularly those who are searching for new ways to engage and emotionally connect with corporate learners.
  7. Ramsey Musallum: 3 Rules To Spark Learning.
    Ramsey Musallum, a chemistry teacher, offers 3 rules that training developers can follow to stir imaginations and spark learner interest. Musallum also shares his personal back story of how he transitioned from “pseudo-teaching” to taking on the role of an educator who encourages curiosity. The talk is packed with valuable information, but still retains a fun and lighthearted atmosphere.
  8. Carol Dweck: The Power Of Believing That You Can Improve. 
    Carol Dweck, a researcher who specializes in motivation and personal success, speaks on the topic of having a "growth mindset". She explores the idea of expanding the brain's ability to overcome challenges and acquire new knowledge. Dweck presenters viewers with two ways to approach a difficult problem, then ponders whether the problem is impossible to solve or if your brain simply has not come up with the solution at its current capacity. She stresses the fact that learners can improve if they believe they can, thanks to the power of the "growth mindset". This is the ideal talk for relearning pros who are trying to empower their audience and motivate them to succeed in their own terms.
  9. John Maeda: Designing For Simplicity. 
    John Maeda from the MIT Media Lab, and former president of the Rhode Island School of Design, goes back to the basics in this TED talk. He shares how to use modern tech tools and software to create beautiful, but simple eLearning designs, which can make for amazing onlinetraining experiences. The presentation centers on blending technology and design to strike the balance between form and function.
  10. Richard St. John: 8 Secrets Of Success. 
    Richard St.John, an analyst and success researcher, dives into the "secrets of success". His presentation is filled to the brim with tips and advice on success, motivation, and personal growth that St.John has collected over the span of 10 years of research. Best of all, it's all contained within a 3 minute slideshow. Helping corporate learners achieve professional success is a common goal that all training shares, and this TED talk gives you a wealth of ideas to help them in this endeavor.

Be sure to have a pen and paper ready for note taking, as these TED talks offer a wealth of information. If you have a few free minutes, why not venture over to one of these videos today, no RSVP required.

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