Virtual Reality

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March 17, 2019

Smart Learning In The Digital Age

Smart learning bases its foundation on smart devices and intelligent technologies. By tapping on these resources, we can create effective digital learning environments that offer convenience to learners and keep pace with the changing demands of the digital age.
by Melissa SF Tham
March 6, 2019

Virtual Training Top Trends To Watch In 2019

Though on-premise training will continue to have a place in the training world, the exploding population of mobile and remote users, increasingly a multi-generational, diverse workforce, will need online and on-demand access. Here are some trends for you to watch this year.
by Zvi Guterman
March 5, 2019 | Sponsored

5 Virtual Reality Training Benefits HR Managers Should Know

Virtual Reality has applications that go beyond the world of gaming. In the HR realm, VR is proving to be an effective solution to some of its toughest challenges. Are you thinking about adopting VR into your HR solutions? In this article, learn 5 ways that VR training can improve your HR endeavors.
by Andrew Hughes