Why Everyone Should Opt To Learn Online During Coronavirus

Why Taking Online Classes Is Important
Summary: Online learning has become the new norm, as it lets you adapt to your own timing and convenience. It also allows you to learn from anywhere and at any time. And now that the coronavirus has made us lock ourselves in our homes, online learning has become more critical than ever.

Why Taking Online Classes Is Important

More and more companies are allowing their employees to conduct their jobs from their homes using a computer or a smartphone. This has allowed many of us a lot of time on our hands to participate in other activities. And in a scenario like this, taking online classes is possibly the most important thing one can do with their lives.

What Is So Interesting About Online Learning?

Online learning has seen years of development, especially in the last ten years, where online degrees, diplomas, and certificates have grown dramatically.

Some of the best features of online learning include:

  • Technology
    The employment of technology in learning is itself a great advantage as it allows you to learn through videos, pictures, audio, and gives you the opportunity to gain extensive knowledge about a particular topic. One can also take live tests and exams with the help of the internet.
  • Ease of monitoring
    In a usual physical class, one has to take notes and stay up to date with what the teacher is talking about. In an online class, however, you can pause, reverse, and fast forward lectures according to your convenience.
  • Excellent faculty
    It is not easy to find good teachers for particular subjects. Even if you do, there is a chance that you might have to travel to their house or coaching center every day to be able to learn the subject well. Online classes bring you the best teachers in the world to your computer. You don’t have to go anywhere. You just have to press play.
  • Efficient and affordable
    If you have finished school or college, you know how expensive it can be to educate yourself. Online classes give you the same quality education but at a fraction of the price that you would pay at any physical institute.

What Does This Mean For The Future Of Learning?

The future of learning with the suddenness of the move or the unplanned move may lead to poor User Experience that may hamper sustainable growth; whereas, many people believe that the move to online learning may bring a productive outcome with significant benefits. “I believe that the integration of information technology in education will be further accelerated and that online education will eventually become an integral component of school education,“ says Wang Tao, vice president of Tencent Cloud and vice president of Tencent Education.

Many professionals have already started to count the benefits. Dr. Amjad, a professor at The University of Jordan who has been using Lark to teach his students says, “It has changed the way of teaching. It enables me to reach out to my students more efficiently and effectively through chat groups, video meetings, voting and also document sharing, especially during this pandemic. My students also find it is easier to communicate on Lark. I will stick to Lark even after coronavirus, I believe traditional offline learning and eLearning can go hand by hand."

How Has Learning English Become A Part Of Online Education?

Learning a language requires a human presence. Only a person who is well versed in a language can help you learn it. In online classes, you get to have the best language teacher you can get. Nevertheless, it is also vital to maintain self-study exercises and online classes. While CEFR standardizes English levels between A1 and C2, all of us learn the language at a different pace and in different ways.

Why Learn English Online?

Since we have a lot of leisure time on our hands nowadays, it makes sense to utilize that time to learn something you have always wanted. Taking this time to improve English speaking skills during COVID-19 will make sure you no longer face the challenges you have faced your whole life for not understanding or speaking the language. Moreover, learning English can create many opportunities for you, both in the personal and professional aspects of your life.

How Is The Education Sector Responding To COVID-19?

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, many universities don’t want to put the brakes on children's futures, hence they are offering live classes and access to all of their services. Some of them offer their services for free whereas some of them charge for their classes.

The Challenges Of Online Learning

There are many challenges in their way, yet they have to deal with it, like some students, who don’t have reliable internet connection or technology, find it hard to participate in online learning. This is the gap that needs to be addressed soon. According to OECD data, 95% of students in Switzerland, Norway, and Austria have the privilege of proper internet connection and technology to use for their schoolwork, whereas in Indonesia only 34% of the students have access to a reliable internet connection and technology.