The Friendliest Online Learning Guide Around - eLearning 101 - Book Review

eLearning 101 - The Friendliest Online Learning Guide Around

A new student resource for nervous online learners features a smiling dog on most pages. The dogs help readers to smile, relax and engage with simple learning strategies and solutions. The author, Dr Liz Hardy, runs In working with more than 3,000 online students at a range of levels, she found that many learners were experiencing the same recurring eLearning issues. Liz believes that simple learning strategies – presented in a friendly way –  can help new students to find their feet and face eLearning with more confidence. This is why she calls her book “the friendliest online learning guide around”. eLearning 101 is made up of 6 short lessons. A common eLearning problem is defined, and the reader is led through a simple learning strategy to solve it. Each lesson includes brief interactive worksheets; helping online students to fix their eLearning problems immediately. The lessons cover some common eLearning problems, including:

  1. eLearning technology
  2. Finding enough time to study
  3. Getting motivated
  4. Curing procrastination
  5. Meeting deadlines, and
  6. Avoiding feeling isolated.

This student resource is for worried online learners who are new to eLearning. It is also a useful resource for eLearning professionals who are looking for an accessible eLearning guide for their students.

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eBook Release: VIVAHR
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