7 Things Game Of Thrones Taught Us About Online Training

Corporate Training Lessons From Game Of Thrones
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Summary: Many moons have passed since the series finale, which has given us plenty of time to reflect on the saga and its life lessons. So, what did the epic tv series teach us about online training and learning behaviors? Warning: spoilers ahead.

7 Corporate Training Lessons From Game Of Thrones

Winter is upon us. At least, that's the case in the Nothern Hemisphere. The Three-Eyed Raven wears the crown. The queen of dragons is gone. And the Lannister’s ruthless reign is over. Game of Thrones lasted eight seasons (the last of which was divisive among fans, to say the least). But one thing’s for certain…it taught us a great deal about perseverance, diversity, and human nature. Online training developers can even learn a thing or two to improve their strategy. Here are 7 lessons that GoT left us with and tips to apply them in corporate eLearning. If you’re still catching up on episodes, you may want to come back when you’ve wrapped up the Westeros saga.

1. Power Ιs Εverything

Everyone had their own agenda in Game of Thrones, but power was at the root of it all, whether it was sitting on the throne or winning autonomy for their people. The same holds true in online training. Self-empowering employees is the prime motivator. They need to know that their goals matter and their opinion counts; that you care about their development but want them to take charge of their own training. For example, personalized paths and course catalogs that allow employees to pick and choose based on preferences.

2. Winning The Throne Takes Years Of Planning

It took eight seasons and a very long winter to finally see who triumphed. But at that time, there was a lot of strategic planning involved. Every clash of the sword and whisper behind someone’s back contributed to the outcome. It may not take your employees quite as long to achieve the objectives, but goal setting is still crucial. Encourage them to set their own milestones to keep track of their progress and make long-term goals more manageable. You can also incorporate customized maps and charts to help them monitor their personal growth.

3. Diversity Is The Key To Victory

Khaleesi didn’t win the battle single-handedly. Granted, her dragon did pull its own weight. It took several armies to "liberate" cities and defeat her foes, all hailing from different backgrounds. From Dothraki to High Valyrian, countless languages were spoken in Game of Thrones. Offer multilingual content so that every member of the team gets the same benefit from online training. You should also encourage knowledge sharing through peer coaching, social media groups, and group collab projects. Respect their diversity and use it as a tool to achieve the objectives.

4. Taking Risks Can Lead To Big Rewards

If you give it some thought, Game of Thrones was a series of risks. Every battle and secret plot brought danger. But those calculated risks led to big rewards. Let your employees take risks of their own in a safe environment. For example, simulations that allow them to see the err of their ways and change performance behaviors. Or branching scenarios that encourage mistake-driven learning by highlighting cause and effect.

5. Life Holds Lessons For Everyone

"You know nothing, Jon Snow" should be everyone’s motto. Of course, substituting the name. Even experts still have something to learn. This is why it’s crucial to encourage lifelong learning in online training so that employees never settle for the status quo. Give them a microlearning library for continual training and moment of need support. Launch optional certification programs they can use to build skills at their own pace. Emphasize the importance of professional growth and how training ties into on-the-job productivity.

6. Flaws Are Merely Opportunities To Grow

Most of the characters evolved throughout the show because they acknowledged their faults. Just look at Tyrion. He started out with a wine glass always in hand, a sarcastic retort on the tip of his tongue. But he ended up as the King/Queen/King’s hand who offered safe words of advice. The characters who changed are the ones who recognized that flaws are merely opportunities to grow. To learn from life’s lessons and move on. In online employee training, staffers have the power to make mistakes and turn them into plans of action. For example, they fail the compliance exam or make the wrong choice during the branching scenario. Feedback allows them to identify areas for improvement and use online training resources to bridge the gaps. You must also encourage them to change their perception of errors. To not see them as stumbling blocks but pivotal turning points in their careers that can change their trajectory.

7. Fire-Breathing Dragons Have Feelings Too

Dragons may only exist in the world of Westeros. But they do have something to teach us about online training. Namely, those emotional connections are at the core of successful eLearning experiences. In the last episode, when Drogon rode off with his caretaker in tow, many viewers shed a tear (or two). In fact, throughout the entire series, we bonded with the fire-breathing trio and watched as they displayed human-like emotions. Anger, sadness, affection toward their mother. This not only proves that dragons have feelings too, but that powerful storytelling and character development get us emotionally invested. Even the strongest among us can be won over with a touching tale that strikes a personal chord.

The watch has ended or at least moved off-screen. However, every rewatch brings new insights. Empower your employees, honor their diversity, and encourage lifelong learning. Give them ample opportunity to learn from mistakes and create an emotional connection. Your course may not be up for any Emmy awards, but it will certainly wow in-house talent. Not to mention, inspire, motivate, and captivate corporate learners who may need that extra nudge.

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