Things To Do For Halloween (Remote Work Edition)

Things To Do For Halloween [Remote Work Edition]
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Summary: Tricks, treats, and.... team building? Discover 6 things to do for Halloween with your remote teams, from streaming soirees to campfire tales.

6 Spooktacular Things To Do For Halloween With Your Remote Teams

It's that time of the year again. The spooky season is upon us, and we need to think of things to do for Halloween to fully engage our remote work teams and strengthen the team dynamic. Forget about bumps in the night. There's nothing more frightening than coworker conflicts, high employee turnover, and frequent on-the-job mistakes. Have no fear, because this article highlights all the All Hallows Eve essentials that you need to conjure the spirits—company spirit, that is!

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1. Video Conferencing Campfire Tales

Encourage everyone to gather 'round their screens and regale coworkers with tales of terror. Since it's, technically, a work event, you may want to stick with on-the-job stories that feature relatable challenges. For instance, that time one of your service reps had to deal with an irate customer and how they appeased them. Then again, you could take the traditional approach and have everyone share a spine-tingling story starring ghouls, ghosts, and goblins (of the otherworldly variety).

2. Telecommuting Costume Contest

Who can resist dressing up and showing off their creativity without having to leave the comfort of their home? One of the best things to do for Halloween for your remote teams is to host your very own costume contest. Send out e-vites beforehand so that everyone has time to prepare, or even purchase fang-tastic festive attire that's a bit more understated. This will also spark their competitive spirit and get everyone excited about your next virtual meet-up.

Things To Do For Halloween [Remote Work Edition]

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3. Bobbing For Virtual Apples

Unfortunately, actual apples are out of the equation since everyone works remotely. However, you can think outside the box for this one. Ditch the messy water and basin and opt for a ghostly grab bag. Jot down a few questions or challenges (truth or dare style) and toss them into a bag and let everyone take turns. The first item might be to share their most haunting Halloween memory or do the "Monster Mash" on camera. Take it the extra autumnal mile by using numbered apple cards and participants "pick their own" from the virtual orchard.

4. Pumpkin Carving

This one is pretty straightforward... or so it would seem. Every team member carves a monstrous masterpiece and uploads pics to your virtual pumpkin patch. You can also have a live unveiling during your online Halloween party where everyone can show off their handiwork. Another approach is to set a theme that employees must stick to. For example, you may go with a vintage Halloween motif this year. Staffers can carve out (or paint) their favorite old movie monsters or spooky literary characters. Who knows, the Headless Horseman might make a comeback.

5. Murder, Mystery, And Corporate Mayhem

Very few employees will expect a murder mystery party when they join your next Zoom meeting. Imagine their surprise when they find out they're about to take part in a grisly crime. There are plenty of virtual murder mystery events created specifically for team building. You can also stick to more lighthearted sleuthing if you don't want to venture too far out of their comfort zone, like riddles that your team must solve through the power of deduction and collaboration.

6. Host A Streaming Party

There are multiple ways to host a streaming party where team members can eat, drink, and be scary. If you want to take the educational route, why not stream an on-demand webinar that targets one of your L&D pain points. If you're a Halloween purist, tune into your favorite bloodcurdling blockbuster or ask everyone to vote on the film they'd like to watch with their coworkers. Moviegoers who want to take it to the next level can even dress up for the event. Check out these easy Halloween costume ideas for some inspiration.


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