8 Tips To Add Holiday Cheer To Content Marketing
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How To Add A Touch Of Yuletide Cheer To Your Content Marketing Strategy

The holiday season is upon us, which usually means that prospects are dealing with an abundance of distractions. From family gatherings and gift shopping to balancing work with personal obligations. Your eLearning product sales don’t have to suffer as a result, though. In fact, you can use the holiday spirit to your advantage and spruce up your promotional efforts. Here are 8 tips to add a touch of yuletide cheer to your content marketing strategy.

1. Offer Free Sign-Up Bonuses

Everyone who enrolls in your eLearning course or purchases your eLearning software receives a free gift during the holiday season. It’s a great way to thank them for their purchase and increase your sales, since people are more likely to invest in your eLearning product or service with an added incentive. Even if it’s something as simple as an exclusive course companion guide or 30-day access to your microlearning online training catalog. Make sure to specify the retail value so that they know they’re getting something special.

2. Host A Contest Or Giveaway

Give readers the chance to earn a free eBook or eLearning course by entering your online giveaway on social media. Post the contest on Facebook, Twitter, eLearning blogs, and your site. Readers must share the post or link with their network and leave a comment. The winner is chosen at random on the specified date. To avoid confusion, make sure to clarify the rules and the way people can enter the giveaway. For example, they’re able to enter up to 5 times, they must like the original post and share it on their personal page by December 15th.

3. Add Touches Of Yuletide Cheer To Your Posts

Your content can also reflect the nostalgia and warmth of the holidays, or even have a hint of humor to help readers escape the stresses of the season. One of the best ways to add cheer to your posts is to tell stories or anecdotes that form an emotional connection. Find a creative angle that links the subject matter to holiday-related tales or analogies. It’s also wise to incorporate images and graphics that boost their spirits.

4. Give Away A Free eBook Or Guide

It’s the holidays, which means that it’s time for gift-giving. Instead of giving readers the ever-popular tie or coffee mug, opt for a free eBook they can really use. Free guides, eBooks, and other digital goods are a great way to bring comfort and joy to your prospects. The only catch is that they have to sign up for your mailing list and agree to receive promotional materials. Readers provide their name, email address, and other basic info. In exchange, they get to download an exclusive white paper that helps them improve sales, hone skills, or overcome a common obstacle. Some people may be reluctant to share their personal info, but a free eBook makes it worthwhile.

5. Send Holiday Greetings To Everyone On Your Email List

Send out a customized greeting to clients and prospects on your mailing list. Create a template to make things easier, then simply fill in their name to personalize the salutation. Ensure that it’s fun and festive, but not so over the top that it takes minutes to load. Keep in mind that many will be viewing it on their mobile devices.

6. Create '12 Days Of Christmas' Recap Series

The end of the year is the perfect time to reflect and share insights with site visitors. Post your top 12 blog posts from the past year on the days leading up to Christmas. It may not be anything as grand as a partridge in a pear tree. But it will give readers a second chance to read content they’ve missed or to revisit their favorite posts from the year and share them with friends. Thus, expanding your market reach and reducing costs, as you don’t have to create new content to sustain you through the holidays. You can simply reuse the posts you already have. However, you may want to include a brief explanation or reflection on why the post is in your top 12 list.

7. Give Them A Sneak Peek Of What’s To Come

In addition to looking back at the past, you can also fast-forward to the future of your content marketing strategy. Give readers a sneak preview of what’s to come in the year ahead. Which topics will you cover? Are you launching any special eLearning courses or products they need to know about? This gives prospects the opportunity to mark their brand new calendars and leave room in their budget for your eLearning offerings. For example, set aside funds for the new eLearning authoring tool you’re launching next March. Another way to build the excitement is to post a snippet of your upcoming eLearning course or product previews, such as an excerpt from your latest eBook or a demo of your eLearning software.

8. Host A Live Holiday Event On Social Media

Host a live Facebook or YouTube event to share your valuable experience and set a festive tone. Send out invitations to your mailing list and post it on your social media page and groups. Make it holiday-themed by having reminders of the season in the background or share some personal anecdotes that lighten the mood and capture your audience’s emotions. Don’t forget to record the event so that everyone can enjoy it, even if they have other gatherings to attend.

The holiday season doesn’t have to derail your content marketing efforts. You can use it to your advantage by offering free giveaways, reaching out to loyal customers, and hosting live festive events. The secret is embracing the cheer and using it to captivate audiences and convert readers into loyal customers.

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