8 Tips To Choose Your eLearning Career Niche Today

8 Tips To Choose Your eLearning Career Niche Today
Summary: Are you ready to finally settle into an eLearning career niche and move away from generalized eLearning services? In this article, I’ll share 8 tips to select the ideal eLearning career niche based on your personal interests, professional goals, and skill sets.

How To Choose Your eLearning Career Niche Today

There is a plethora of professional possibilities when you opt for a career in eLearning. From designing interactive online training activities in the private sector to providing consultancy services to Fortune 500 companies. There’s no shortage of opportunities.

But how do you know which eLearning career niche is right for you and your abilities? Here are 8 top tips to choose your eLearning niche today.

1. Take Stock Of Your eLearning Skills

eLearning skills are your most valuable asset when trying to find your eLearning career niche. They can point you in the right direction and help you identify which specialty aligns with your talents. You also have the opportunity to determine if you require additional skills in order to pursue your goals.

For example, your dream job calls for more effective communication or team leadership skills. Thus, you can seek out resources to build these abilities and fill the gaps. Just like one of your online learners would do if they encountered an area for improvement.

2. Evaluate Your Priorities

You need to prioritize what’s important to you and what you’re looking for in your professional life. Is there a particular eLearning career niche that will allow you to focus on your long-term goals and still maintain a flexible schedule, enabling you to achieve a good home/work-life balance? Do you want to pursue a career in the charitable sector, or sell your eLearning courses to the masses? Create a list of priorities and then place them on a spectrum to see where your loyalties lie.

3. Get The Inside Scoop On Social Media

Social media is a great place to learn more about your top choices and narrow them down to a top 3 list. This comes in handy if you’re casting the net wide and researching all the options.

Look on social media groups and reach out to experienced eLearning professionals in each niche. They’ll be able to offer you the inside scoop on what the job entails and the benefits it provides. For example, being able to set your own schedule or a significant salary increase compared to your current eLearning career path.

4. Pursue Your Passion

When all is said and done, you need an eLearning career that will be fulfilling and rewarding. In other words, one that allows you to pursue your passions and do what you truly enjoy instead of just punching the clock each day and going through the motions.

First, you need to identify what those passions are. What is your purpose as an eLearning professional? What drives and inspires you? Choosing an eLearning career niche that gives you the power to realize your dreams will make all the risk, time, and effort pay off.

5. Scope Out The Competition

Ideally, you want to find an eLearning career niche that is popular enough to garner some competition, but not so saturated that you can’t get your share of the eLearning market. Scope out the competition to see what they’re up to and which services they offer.

This also allows you to determine how in-demand the eLearning career niche really is. For example, you may discover their social media feed is flooded with comments from potential clients looking for more information, or they have thousands of likes and followers.

6. Shadow A Seasoned eLearning Pro

Is there someone in your desired eLearning career niche who sets the bar high and you admire? If so, then you may want to contact them to see if you can live a day in their shoes. Or at least, shadow them for an hour or so to familiarize yourself with their work practices.

You can also watch videos and read articles that clarify the job description. For example, the eLearning career niche usually involves designing compliance online training courses from scratch and analyzing Big Data to create customized online training content. This way, you’ll be able to brush up on the necessary skills and knowledge to fully prepare for the task ahead.

7. Identify Your Long-Term eLearning Career Goals

The eLearning career niche you choose should, ultimately, help you achieve your long-term objectives. Create a list of your top goals so that you can determine which specialties support your desired outcomes as an eLearning professional. This includes your salary, status, and any other pertinent details. You should also develop a timeline for each goal, complete with manageable milestones that you hope to achieve along the way.

8. Analyze The Personal Side Of The Profession

There are two sides to the equation: It’s true, you should find an eLearning career niche that fulfills your professional needs and helps you achieve your objectives, but you must also consider how it will impact your personal life. Does the job usually require long work hours that may have an effect on your family obligations? Or will you need to work extra hard to maintain a balance? Is traveling part of the job description? Will you have to be based in a certain location, in which case your entire family will have to move? Of course, every profession has some degree of sacrifice in order to reap the rewards. However, you still need to find an eLearning career niche that allows you to fulfill your potential on both fronts: personal and professional.

These 8 tips can help you narrow down the choices and select an eLearning career niche that’s just right for your skill sets, professional goals, and personal lifestyle. Another thing to consider is how much continuing education is involved. While some specialties require higher degrees, others call for self-paced informal studies such as attending workshops and watching webinars to bridge the gaps.

Whichever eLearning career niche you choose, one thing remains the same: eLearning professionals have an insatiable hunger for knowledge. So, never stop learning and broadening your horizons in order to be the best in your field regardless of what that field might be.

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