7 Tips To Enhance Problem-Solving Skills In Online Training

7 Tips for Online Trainingto Enhance Problem-Solving Skills
Summary: Problems are a part of everyday life. However, eLearning professionals have the power to equip their corporate learners with all the online tools and resources they need to overcome any obstacle. In this article, I'll share 7 tips for enhancing your employees' problem-solving skills through online training.

How To Enhance Problem-Solving Skills In Online Training

Problems are more than just hurdles that we must hop over. They are also opportunities to learn more about ourselves, step outside our comfort zone, and acquire new skills that can help us achieve our goals. As eLearning professionals, we have the ability to develop challenging, relevant, and emotionally compelling online training courses that cultivate problem-solving skills. When our employees face on-the-job obstacles their confidence, innovative thinking, and perseverance will guide their way, all courtesy of the online training that they have received.

1. Start With The Solution

This involves providing your corporate learners with the solution and then asking them to work their way back. Rather than concentrating on how to achieve the desired outcome they can take a closer look at why the problem must be solved and what problem-solving approaches they can utilize. This online training strategy relies on neuroscientific research which suggests that our mind cannot effectively brainstorm solutions when it is focusing solely on the obstacle or challenge. Instead, it triggers negative emotions and thoughts that prevent us from seeing all of the possibilities.

2. Ask Thought-Provoking Questions

Corporate learners can sometimes be so focused on one learning strategy that they fail to recognize more effective solutions. This is when thought-provoking questions can be an invaluable problem-solving tool. Ask your audience why they feel their approach is best or how they arrived at their conclusion. The goal is to prompt them to think about the assumptions, beliefs, and values that underlie their decisions. Corporate learners may not even be aware of the fact that a certain idea or past experience is hindering their ability to solve the problem at hand.

3. Give Corporate Learners The Opportunity To Reflect

After solving each problem or challenge, corporate learners should get the chance to review and reflect upon their behaviors and choices. One of the most effective ways to achieve this is by integrating microlearning simulations and serious games that provide immediate constructive eLearning feedback. Corporate learners have the power to see how every decision and action led them to the outcome, and then identify how they can improve their problem-solving skills, moving forward. For example, if they are unable to successfully resolve a conflict, they are able to trace the steps they've taken and figure out where they went wrong.

4. Equip Corporate Learners With Lateral Thinking Tools

There is always more than one way to approach a problem, but we can only identify other alternatives if we put our lateral thinking caps on. Sometimes it takes a trigger to start the lateral thinking process so that corporate learners can discover new ways to overcome the challenge. For example, they may require a mental aid, such as a mind map, or brainstorming chart. These online training tools help them to organize their thoughts and get a sneak peek of how each learning strategy will turn out. There are a number of different eLearning authoring tools that you can use to create customizable visual aids for online training, videos, and corporate eLearning templates.

5. Facilitate Time Management And Organizational Skills

To be able to achieve their goals and tackle challenges, corporate learners must have strong time management and organizational skills. These abilities help them stay on-task, meet milestones, and distill the problem down to its most basic components. When presenting your corporate learners with a problem, you should always encourage them to examine all the steps and skills involved. This gives them a good indication of what they will need to do in order to arrive at a solution without becoming overwhelmed or stressed. In some cases, the "big picture" may be too big to digest, but setting smaller, short-term goals can make it seem less daunting.

6. Develop Mistake-Driven Online Training Activities

Mistakes are not failures if you learn something from them. As such, your corporate learners can benefit from their mistakes and take away valuable experience and insight. Create mistake-driven online training activities that give them the ability to explore the repercussions of their decisions in a safe setting. Branching scenarios are one of the most effective online training tools you have at your disposal, as they allow corporate learners to experience the outcome firsthand without any real-world risk. After they complete the branching scenario, encourage them to ask questions about their choices and behaviors. Acknowledging their mistakes and then learning how to avoid them in the future can help them build their problem-solving skills and become more effective problem-solvers.

7. Include Online Collaboration Activities To Build Communication Skills

There are some problems that can only be solved by talking it over and respecting another person's viewpoint. In these instances, your employees must have solid communication and interpersonal skills. Integrate online collaboration activities that allow them to interact with their peers and work together to achieve a shared goal, such as teaching their coworkers how to carry out a compliance procedure. They will also learn how to resolve conflicts, build their teamwork and problem-solving skills, and benefit from the wisdom of their peers. Ask them to create a blog or website that discusses a sub-topic of the online training material, or develop an interactive game that explores a job-related task. These online groups serve as microcosms that mimic teams they'll find in the workplace.

Above all else, it’s crucial to empower and enlighten your employees so that they can stand on their own two feet, especially when push comes to shove on the sales floor. Building problem-solving skills and knowing how to navigate any challenge can help them achieve their goals and reach their true potential in every aspect of their lives.

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