5 Tips To Ensure That Your Outsourced eLearning Project Runs Smoothly

How To Ensure That Your Outsourced eLearning Project Runs Smoothly

You have decided that outsourcing you eLearning project is the best option for your organization. But how you can guarantee that everything goes as expected, especially if it is the first time you are working with your new eLearning partner? In order for your outsourced eLearning project to run smoothly, certain conditions need to be met. In this article, I'll highlight 5 ways to ensure that your outsourced eLearning project will run smoothly, minimizing any possibility for complications and misunderstandings.

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1. Keep Communication Lines Open

In order for your eLearning project to flow smoothly, you need to be in constant touch with your outsourced eLearning content provider. This may not be practically possible, since they also have other clients and you have other responsibilities. Communication may also be interrupted by language barriers, cultural systems, or even time zones. Establish a communication pattern right from the start. Ask who the Project Manager of your eLearning project is. Make a solid plan to connect on a regular basis. It could be once a day or once a week, whatever works best for both of you. Consistently update each other on the progress of the outsourced eLearning project.

2. Secure Your Company Data

As part of any outsourced eLearning project, eLearning content providers will gain access to sensitive company information. They might need it to develop your corporate eLearning course, or they might inadvertently gather it while interacting with corporate learners. It’s impractical to keep information from eLearning vendors, and it could even be counter-productive. However, you do need to keep company information private. When your legal team is putting together contracts, ask them to include a non-disclosure agreement. This document is legally binding and prevents your eLearning content provider from sharing or using confidential information.

3. Check How Quickly The eLearning Vendor Responds

Selecting an eLearning vendor for your outsourced eLearning project can be a lengthy endeavour. If you keep your eyes open, you can identify time-wasters very early in the process. One quick way to sift out non-performers is to track communication. Take note of how quickly the eLearning vendor responds to emails, phone calls, or other forms of contact. An eLearning vendor that is slow to answer queries is likely to cause delays later in the course. You can also note how detailed and effective their responses are. Generic, automated answers suggest a high client volume, but they might also indicate that you won’t get personalized attention. A professional eLearning vendor will take the time to study your company. They will identify your online training needs and deal with your company on an individual basis.

4. Check For Hidden Charges

Corporate eLearning courses often have a very detailed structure, and this is directly related to eLearning course development fees. However, when you are outsourcing a corporate eLearning project, you may be faced with unexpected challenges. Different regions have varying tax laws, that your eLearning vendor may assume that you are familiar with. These taxes can sometimes lead to additional charges which the eLearning vendor has taken for granted. In other instances, a fluctuating exchange rate might make the corporate eLearning course more expensive than you had planned. Be sure to go over the fee structure thoroughly and leave yourself some room for contingencies. You should also factor the cost of updates and late additions to the corporate eLearning course.

5. Ask About The eLearning Vendor’s Update Policy

Like any technological tool, corporate eLearning courses must be upgraded from time to time. It might be additional information to match industry innovations, or it may be an update of the online training activities, enriching them with more updated information. Find out how the eLearning vendor handles these upgrades. The ideal option is to build a set number of updates into your package. For instance, you may request to have up to five upgrades offered to you as part of your package. Alternatively, you could ask for updates at a reasonable predetermined fee.

Doing business with a business partner in another physical location presents unique challenges. However, keeping an open line of communication and clarifying expectations can ensure a smooth collaboration. You should also request a non-disclosure agreement for security purposes. Finally, be conscious of unexpected fees, and find out if your eLearning vendor includes regular updates and support services. With these simple steps, your outsourced eLearning project should run without a hitch.

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