8 Ways An Extended Enterprise LMS Can Help You Improve Customer Service Skills

8 Tips An Extended Enterprise LMS Can Help You Improve Customer Service Skills
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Summary: External corporate partners may be able to seal the deal. But are your customers likely to be loyal in the future or do your franchisees, distributors, and sales channels need to brush up on their service skills? In this article, I'll discuss how an extended enterprise LMS can improve customer service skills.

How An Extended Enterprise LMS Can Help You Improve Customer Service Skills

Customers are looking for superior service that keeps them coming back. They want to be well-informed about your products and services so that they don't have to deal with dreaded buyer's remorse. Likewise, customers expect open communication and respect throughout the experience. For this reason, providing customer service online training to your external corporate partners is of the utmost importance. Here are 8 ways that an extended enterprise LMS improves customer service skills.

1. Create Targeted Onboarding Online Training Courses

Customer service online training starts on day one. Your new hires should be aware of which skills they need to develop and why. For example, they must hone their communication abilities to identify and address customer needs. It's best to dedicate each online training course to a specific talent or topic. This helps prevent cognitive overload and allows new hires to focus on the related skills, challenges, and techniques. For instance, a new member of your extended sales channel can't master the transaction process. They should attend an online training course that discloses the common obstacles of operating the sales platform or how to successfully promote add-on services.

2. Provide Personalized Online Training Paths

The term "external corporate partner" covers a broad area. From distributors and franchisees to vendors and consultants. The good news is that your extended enterprise LMS allows you to create personalized online training paths. These paths cater to specific needs, goals, and job duties. For example, sales partners need to know the product features and benefits. They must also build related skill sets in order to meet customer service standards. Extended enterprise LMSs give you the power to deliver targeted activities, eLearning assessments, and "just in time" online training resources.

3. Track The Effectiveness Of Your Customer Service Online Training Courses

One of the best ways to impart important customer service skills is to evaluate your current online training strategy. This allows you to identify its strengths and areas for improvement so as to provide more effective online training resources. Extended enterprise LMS platforms usually feature built-in reports and analytics. Thus, you can monitor everything from employee engagement and progress to eLearning assessment results. Most LMSs even have data visualizations to help you identify patterns. For instance, a high percentage of your external sales partners are unable to achieve their product knowledge certificates. In response, you can reevaluate your current online training strategy and integrate more online training tutorials, demos, and examples.

4. Incorporate Real-World Activities To Build Professional Experience

Real-world experience is a precious commodity. It gives your external corporate partners the rare opportunity to learn from mistakes and perfect their approach, without the risk. Simulations, scenarios, real-world examples, and storytelling are just a few of the online training resources you can incorporate. The key is to include real-world challenges, situations, and environments to foster immersion. External corporate partners must feel like they're part of the action in order to gain firsthand experience.

5. Keep Your External Corporate Partners In Compliance

Your organization has certain protocols and standards everyone must meet. That includes your external corporate partners. These guidelines ensure every member of your team provides the same level of customer care and accurately represents your brand. Therefore, compliance is an essential component of your extended enterprise online training program. Fortunately, extended enterprise LMSs allow you to update and maintain your compliance online training content on a regular basis. You can rapidly revise your eLearning course design to reflect new rules or regulations, then deploy it on a global scale.

6. Develop Customer Service Certification Programs

Identify the most essential skills that your external corporate partners need to do their job effectively. Then frame each one with a certification course. For example, active listening skills warrant a separate certification program. External corporate partners must complete simulations that put their listening abilities to the test and pinpoint areas for improvement. Research your audience and conduct task evaluations to determine which skills they require. Then develop real-world activities, eLearning assessments, and microlearning resources that foster these abilities. In addition, you should encourage external corporate partners to renew their certifications on an annual basis. Many extended enterprise LMSs allow you to automatically notify external corporate partners when their certificate is about to expire.

7. Auto-Enroll External Corporate Partners To Bridge Personal Gaps

Many extended enterprise LMSs also have an auto-enroll feature. You're able to assign specific roles or groups. Then the LMS assigns specific online training materials based on the criteria you have set. This also helps to bridge personal gaps. For example, a member of your sales team receives a low score on their compliance exam. The LMS automatically recommends suitable online training resources to fill the gap based on their responses. Or a new module is added to their personalized course catalog, such as a sales policy online training tutorial to ensure that they uphold company standards.

8. Offer Customers Product Demos And Online Tutorials

Extended enterprise LMSs also give you the power to deploy consumer online training courses. This is a great way to provide superior service to your customers directly. The online training program may feature product demos and online training tutorials, simulations, and other tools that enhance their overall online training experience. As a result, customers can make more informed purchases and have a list of questions or concerns already prepared. For example, the customer watches a product demo video before they meet with your sales consultant. They have a few questions regarding its functionality, which the consultant can address during the meeting. Customers are now empowered to play a more active role in the customer care process. As a result, they receive more personalized service.

Extended enterprise LMSs make online training resources easily accessible for your external corporate partners. As a result, they have the information they need to provide superior service and foster customer loyalty. This leads to lower turnover rates and an increase in company profits.

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