5 Tips To Facilitate Upskilling In Corporate eLearning

5 Tips To Facilitate Upskilling In Corporate eLearning
Summary: Skills are the modern corporate currency. Acquiring new skills gives employees the chance to get that big promotion, increase their workplace productivity, and become a valuable member of the team. In this article, I'll highlight the top benefits of upskilling and I’ll share 5 tips to facilitate upskilling in corporate eLearning.

How To Facilitate Upskilling In Corporate eLearning

It seems like everyone is talking about upskilling these days, especially in the corporate sector. This comes as no surprise, since skills are a valuable commodity. Your employees need to be able to adapt to any situation and overcome workplace challenges. As a result, they must go above and beyond when it comes to building skills. But how can you give them the tools and resources they need to upskill, especially if you are dealing with a geographically dispersed staff that requires different skill sets? The solution to facilitate upskilling is an effective corporate eLearning program that centers on upskilling right from the start.

Top Benefits Of Upskilling

1. Increases Productivity

Employees who have a broad range of skill sets are able to accept more job responsibilities and tasks. This boosts their productivity and workplace efficiency. The quality of their work is also better. For example, an employee who has completed upskilling online training would be able to fill in for a coworker who is sick. They can also complete their assigned tasks more rapidly and with fewer errors.

2. Reduces Employee Turnover

Corporate learners who have access to an upskilling corporate eLearning course, are happier and more satisfied. This is due to the fact that they have greater self-confidence and self-esteem in the workplace. A secondary benefit of this, is increased job security. They know that they have the skills and knowledge the organization requires, which makes them a valuable member of the team.

3. Helps Employees Overcome Challenges

Upskilling gives employees a wide range of skills and talents that they can add to their arsenal. When a challenge comes along, they have all the resources they need to solve the problem. This makes them more self-assured also, which means that they are ready and willing to surmount obstacles that hinder their productivity.

5 Tips To Facilitate Upskilling In Corporate eLearning

1. Cultivate An Inspiring Corporate eLearning Culture

Employees need to know that your organization is going to support them every step of the way. This is particularly true with online training that isn't mandatory. Cultivating an inspirational and motivational corporate eLearning culture encourages employees to go that extra mile in order to expand their boundaries. Stress the importance of ongoing online training and give them a way to reach out to their online facilitators and peers. For example, create an online forum or social media page where they can offer eLearning feedback, share their ideas, or ask questions.

2. Develop Personalized Online Training Paths And Goals

Every member of your staff requires different skill sets, depending on their job duties, level of experience, and current knowledge base. This is why it's important to create personalized online training paths and encourage them to set their own goals and objectives in addition to the goals that your organization has already identified. Conduct online pre-assessments to determine what they know, what they need to know, and how you can best convey the information. Identify their strengths and performance gaps so that you can customize every aspect of their skill-based online training. You can later track their progress through your LMS reports and modify your corporate eLearning strategy accordingly.

3. Offer Optional Online Training Resources

Some of your employees may want to explore additional skills and abilities that your mandatory online training doesn't cover. These go-getters won't settle for the bare minimum. They know that skills are a valuable tool that they can use to move up the corporate ladder and do their job effectively. As such, they need optional online training resources to enhance their comprehension and explore secondary skills. Upskilling is all about going above and beyond, so be sure to have online training activities, modules, and self-assessments that employees can access on their own time.

4. Integrate Social Networking Into Your Corporate eLearning Strategy

Chances are, your employees are already using social media on a daily basis. You can use this to your advantage by integrating social networking into your corporate eLearning strategy. Post consistently, share links to useful articles and online training videos, and encourage your employees to leave comments and upload links of their own. This gives them the opportunity to learn from their co-workers and build communication skills. Employees also have the chance to benefit from the online training experience of their peers and explore how their skills can be used in real-world settings. For example, an employee might discover a new application for a skill that they've already developed.

5. Add Branching Scenarios, Simulations, And Serious Games That Center On Skills

One of the most effective ways to build skills is by adding interactive online training content to your corporate eLearning course. Branching scenarios, simulations, and serious games give corporate learners the chance to test out their new skill sets and put them into practice. For example, customer service associates can see how their conflict resolution skills can diffuse a situation and try out new approaches. Make your online training activities as realistic as possible by integrating real-world images, eLearning characters, sound effects, and situations to provide the most benefit. Choosing an eLearning authoring tools with a rich online media library will save you significant time and cost. For best results, focus on one skill at a time to avoid cognitive overwhelm and opt for microlearning online training activities that are mobile-friendly. Employees will appreciate the fact that they can access the online training material on their mobile devices, even if they are pressed for time.

These 5 tips can help you facilitate upskilling in corporate eLearning. Just keep in mind that some employees may need some convincing, particularly if they are busy or overworked. Stress the benefits of upskilling from day one and emphasize the real-world applications of your corporate eLearning program to get them on board.

Apart from building a solid corporate eLearning strategy, what you will need the most in this effort to facilitate upskilling, is a powerful Learning Management System. Find the perfect fit for your organization by requesting a free trial before making your final decision, and prepare yourself to deliver a great online training experience to your employees.

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