8 Tips To Integrate Social Media Into New Hire Online Training

8 Tips To Integrate Social Media Into New Hire Online Training
Summary: Is there a way to interact and engage with your geographically dispersed new hires? In this article, I’ll share 8 creative ways to incorporate social media into new hire online training.

How To Integrate Social Media Into New Hire Online Training

Social media offers you the rare opportunity to connect with your new hires and provide them with round-the-clock support. You can also use social networking platforms to create a thriving online learning community that facilitates peer-based eLearning feedback. This is particularly beneficial for remote workers who feel isolated or disconnected. Here are 8 innovative ways to integrate social media into new hire online training.

1. Exclusive Onboarding Groups

Social media groups give employees an outlet to express their opinions and ideas. They can interact with other new hires who experience the same apprehensions. For example, they are unsure about everyday work tasks, or are unfamiliar with the sales floor layout. Closed social media groups offer them the chance to address these concerns before they enter the workplace. This is also a great place to gather eLearning feedback regarding your new hire online training. New hires are more likely to share their honest thoughts in a less public social media group.

2. Live Q&A Sessions

Hosting live Q&A sessions on Facebook, Twitter, and online discussion boards is a great way to engage with new hires. It also gives them the opportunity to address issues weighing on their minds so that they can focus on their professional growth. In most cases, other employees have similar questions or concerns. Thus, a live Q&A session gives them the power to clarify any confusion and feel more confident on the job. You can also host separate Q&A sessions to keep things organized. For example, one week you may focus on sales tasks, and the next on company policy.

3. Tips And Tricks Tweets

Post a new tip or helpful piece of advice everyday to your Twitter feed. You can even create a special hashtag for your new hires so that they can view all the tweets in one location. Another option is to invite resident Subject Matter Experts to post their insights. For example, your HR manager can tweet about the dress code or company benefits. Twitter is also an effective way to share helpful resource links, such as videos, articles, and online training tutorials. Don’t forget to include a brief caption or question to generate interest. For instance, invite them to click the link to discover top sales techniques or insider secrets. The link might also redirect them to voluntary online training courses or modules that they can use to upskill.

4. YouTube Demo Videos

YouTube is one of the most overlooked social media tools. However, this video sharing platform is ideal for product demos, online training tutorials, and other visually engaging online training resources. New hires can watch online training videos and then engage in lively online discussions on your social media page, or even produce their own online training videos that you can add to your onboarding channel. Another way to use YouTube in new hire online training is to create a playlist of helpful online training tutorials and demos and share it with your new hires. You can gradually add to the list to adapt to the evolving needs of your employees.

5. Topic-Centered Corporate eLearning Blogs

Corporate eLearning blogs are an effective tool to teach new hires the basics and give them the power to express their opinions. For example, at the end of each post you can include a question or prompt and invite them to leave a comment. Ideally, each blog post should focus on a single online training topic or task to keep the online discussion on track. In fact, you might consider a blogging schedule to avoid redundant content and ensure that you cover all the essentials.

6. Facebook Polls

Social media isn’t just for providing information to your new hires, but gathering feedback to continually improve your online training strategy. Facebook polls enable you to collect online learner data and identify strengths and weaknesses. It only takes a minute of their time. However, the information you obtain has the potential to transform your new hire online training. The secret is to look for patterns and trends in the poll results. For instance, 75% of the participants state that they are still unsure about how to complete the sales process, or about the specs and features of your new product line. Thus, you may want to reevaluate those aspects of your new hire online training to fill the gaps.

7. Host A Contest

Nobody can pass up the chance to win something, whether it’s a gift card or free admittance to an exclusive webinar. So why not host a social media contest to increase engagement and fuel excitement among your newest team members? Post the announcement on your most popular social media platforms, including the rules and what they can win. For example, they must create an infographic that features an online training topic you’ve already covered and post it to the page. Don’t forget to mention deadlines so that everyone uploads their entries in time. Ask your managers and online instructors to judge the infographics and choose a winner.

8. Employee-Generated Posts

Turn the tables and give employees the chance to develop their own online training resources to share with peers. In order to develop this online training content, employees must have a firm grasp of the ideas and concepts. The process of creating these online training materials also deepens their comprehension and reinforces the key takeaways of your new hire online training. Lastly, posting the online training resources allows them to gather feedback from their new co-workers so that can identify their strengths and areas for improvement.

Many new hires have to contend with first-day jitters, and social media can help put them at ease before the big day. However, these social media platforms also serve as effective ongoing online training tools that offer continual support. Use these 8 social media tips and tricks to create a collaborative and communicative online training experience for the newest members of your team.

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