8 Tips To Promote Your LMS Product With Shareable Online Quizzes

8 Tips To Promote Your LMS Product With Shareable Online Quizzes
Summary: Online quizzes aren’t just for gauging learner knowledge. They can also be a valuable content marketing tool that helps generate interest in your LMS platform. In this article, I’ll share 8 tips to promote your LMS product with shareable online quizzes.

How To Promote Your LMS Product With Shareable Online Quizzes

A carefully crafted online quiz has the potential to attract new prospects and increase sales if you know how to use it wisely. For example, bombarding your audience with daily online quizzes that take a half hour to complete will annoy instead of appeal. Thus, you must follow the golden rules of marketing quizzes if you want your audience to share it with their social media network and expand your online reach. Here are 8 top tips to promote your LMS with attention-grabbing quizzes.

1. Clarify Your Content Marketing Goals

You need to have a clear idea of why you’re conducting an online quiz in the first place and who you’re trying to attract. This involves identifying your content marketing goals and target audience. For example, do you want to expand your email marketing list by a certain percentage, or build brand awareness among a particular demographic? Answering these questions will allow you to create an online quiz that achieves the desired results, as well as determine which platforms you should post it on to reach the most prospects.

2. Choose A Thought-Provoking Title That Presents A Challenge

There are a variety of quiz formats to choose from. You must identify which approach best suits your LMS marketing goals and appeals to your target audience. Then craft an attention-grabbing title that challenges visitors. For instance, the title “How well do you really know your LMS’s features?” or “Do you know the actual ROI for your current LMS?”. You can also opt for a more personalized quiz strategy. For instance, one that allows them to determine what type of LMS they need or their online training preferences.

3. Create Questions That Target Pain Points

The secret to generating interest in your shareable online quiz to effectively promote your LMS is focusing on challenges or problems that prospects are currently facing. For example, employee performance and productivity are still down, despite the fact that they are using a ‘robust’ system. You must formulate questions that target training pain points and draw attention to why your LMS platform surpasses the competition. But it has to be done subtly, so as not to seem like an overt sales pitch.

4. Keep It Short And Slightly Humorous

Participants are less likely to answer the questions, let alone share with their network if the poll inconveniences them. For instance, it involves 30 questions that involve 5 to 10 response choices each. Ideally, the shareable quiz should be short, to the point, and bring a smile to their face. It’s perfectly acceptable to add subtle touches of humor to lighten the tone and make the experience enjoyable. That said, don’t go overboard by using sarcasm or cliché quips that give the wrong impression.

5. Add Multimedia

You can go with a simple text-based quiz, but adding multimedia improves engagement and makes visitors take notice. For instance, Facebook followers are more likely to participate in an online quiz when it features images or graphics that hold their attention. You can even incorporate brief videos in lieu of traditional quiz results; such as a one-minute promo that highlights what type of online training preferences they have, and how your LMS can help them achieve their training objectives.

6. Find A Creative Sales Angle

The most challenging aspect of shareable online quizzes for content marketing purposes is that it’s hard to find a good sales angle. People don’t click on the online quiz because they want to learn about your LMS product or build brand awareness. Instead, they are intrigued by the results they’ll receive or the insights they’ll learn about themselves or their organization’s online training program. Thus, you need to find a way to tie the quiz topic into your LMS’s unique selling points. Let’s use the example of “What is really missing from your current LMS?”. In this case, you might display the result and then follow up with an explanation of why your LMS platform remedies the issue. Such as which features or functions your LMS solution offers and the competition lacks.

7. Incorporate A Call To Action Before Displaying The Results

You don’t have to give them the quiz results immediately. In fact, this is a great opportunity to present your call to action and gather more information. Request participants to sign up for your mailing list or schedule an LMS free demo or trial. However, you should also give them the chance to opt out and simply skip to the results if they choose so. If they’re forced to opt-in, they’re likely to unsubscribe right away or simply click away from the online quiz altogether before they have a chance to get the results or learn about your LMS product.

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8. Opt For Full Transparency

Shareable online quizzes aren’t about marketing trickery. You should let people know that you’re using the online quiz to expand your mailing list or that they can expect a follow-up email. You don’t want to generate ill will by surprising them with a barrage of email marketing messages that make them regret taking your online quiz. In addition, you should give them every opportunity to remove their contact info from your list at any point.

Shareable online quizzes give you the chance to get prospects actively involved in your LMS marketing strategy while gathering actionable feedback. Thus, you can use the results to continually fine-tune your content marketing campaign and perfect your LMS product. But remember, shareable online quizzes are meant to be fun and engaging for participants. Keep things light and respect their time so that they are more likely to pass it along.

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