8 Unconventional Ways To Promote Your LMS On Facebook

8 Unconventional Ways To Promote Your LMS On Facebook
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Summary: Building your brand and boosting your conversion rates don’t have to put you over budget. Not if you know how to use social media to your advantage. In this article, I’ll share 8 creative ways to promote your LMS on Facebook.

How To Promote Your LMS On Facebook

There’s no shortage of online competition. Your system may come with more perks of ownership, but reaching your target audience and touting the benefits is often easier said than done. While there are plenty of digital marketing platforms, one of the most effective is social media. Facebook gives you the ability to connect with consumers and build a rapport. These 8 unconventional marketing methods can help you promote your LMS on Facebook and gain more online exposure.

1. Host A Virtual Meet-And-Greet

Prospects like to put a human face to your brand. It helps them connect and this adds to the credibility of your organization given that they’re able to interact with an actual person instead of just visiting your site or landing page. A virtual meet-and-greet gives them the opportunity to ask questions and get to know your team. For example, your lead developer or head of marketing can guest host an event. Make sure to promote it in advance so that followers can make room in their schedule, and record it for those who are unable to attend.

2. Post Demo Videos

A simple and easy way to promote your LMS on Facebook is to show followers how to use your LMS software and make the most of its features. Demo videos can also give prospects a sneak preview of your USPs in action. For example, record a 5-minute screen capture that highlights your intuitive UI/dashboard and reporting functions. You can even add sound effects and audio narration to provide clarity.

3. Schedule Live Q&As

Sometimes prospects need a little coaxing to make their final decision. They know that your LMS will benefit their organization, but there are some questions or concerns holding them back. Thus, a live Q&A gives them the chance to clarify confusion and alleviate any doubts they have about your product. You can ask for questions up front to give the host time to prepare answers or just schedule an impromptu session. Try to focus on a specific topic or challenge for each live Q&A event. For example, this week’s Q&A centers on your LMS’s white labeling or gamification features.

4. Host Monthly Contests

Nobody can pass up a contest for products they’re already interested in. For example, your Facebook followers are obviously thinking about investing in your LMS. At the very least, they want to learn more about how it can improve their online training ROI and effectiveness. Therefore, hosting a monthly contest gives them the nudge they need to sign up for your mailing list or purchase your product. The contest can be for something as simple as a downloadable guide or exclusive all-access trial. The catch is that they have to like the post, share it on their page, and tag a few friends.

5. Post Customer Testimonials

Many LMS companies already post testimonials on their site or landing page. However, social media is also the ideal platform for your glowing reviews. Of course, it’s always best to ask for permission beforehand. Once you have the go-ahead, publish testimonials on your Facebook page so that prospects know it has been tried and tested. You can even include a little blurb about the customers’ use case so that it resonates with followers, such as those who have similar training goals or objectives.

6. Launch A Customer Spotlight Program

Showcase a new customer every week and explain how your LMS has helped them achieve their desired outcomes. This also gives loyal customers the opportunity to promote their brand to a new audience. You can even turn it into a case study or story to improve engagement. Be sure to pin the spotlight invitation post to the top of your Facebook page so that companies can sign up. Include some basic rules. For instance, they must include a blurb about why they love your LMS and how it benefits their organization, as well as an image you can use to make the post more eye-catching.

7. Start An Exclusive Facebook Group

Groups are great perks for customers who sign up for your LMS, as they offer them a place to ask questions and get pointers from fellow users. However, you can also start an exclusive group for Facebook followers who opt into your marketing list. The closed group can feature tips, special promos, and resource links to help them make a better-informed buying decision. They’re more likely to share their concerns and interact with other members if they know comments are not public. This approach is also ideal for your LMS marketing events. Everyone who attends your next live meet-and-greet can carry on the conversation in the closed Facebook group.

8. Thought-Provoking Polls

Polls help you collect feedback and create more accurate customer profiles. But they’re also great marketing icebreakers. Post a poll that involves a consumer pain point. For example, ask participants about the top training challenge their organization currently faces or how much they’ve set aside for LMS implementation. You can even inquire about content marketing topics they’d like to read about in the future. That way, you can reevaluate your current LMS marketing strategy to see if it meets their expectations.

These 8 marketing techniques to promote your LMS on Facebook are free or low-cost. You can appeal to your audience and promote your unique selling points regardless of your budget. Keep in mind that it does take time to build a loyal following and attract qualified leads, though. Patience is the name of the game if you want to establish trust instead of merely posting sales pitches.

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