8 Golden Rules Of Promoting Your LMS On Twitter

8 Golden Rules Of Promoting Your LMS On Twitter
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Summary: Twitter is known for pithy quotes and online feuds. Does it really have a place in marketing online training software? In this article, I’ll share the 8 golden rules of promoting your LMS on Twitter.

Promoting Your LMS On Twitter: Everything You Need To Know

The top Twitter users are known for amassing RTs and creating a stir. They are experts at the Twitter machine. However, it’s also possible to harness the power of Twitter to promote your LMS and increase profits. Unlike Facebook, which mostly connects friends and family, Twitter followers have a wider demographic. And while Facebook groups and pages can be powerful tools, the immediacy of Twitter involves a whole different marketing approach. Remember that engagement is more important than followers. Also, never send automated DMs. Here are 8 rules to follow when promoting your LMS on Twitter.

1. Utilize Promoted Tweets

Just like other social media platforms, Twitter is cashing in on paid advertising. You can select any of your tweets and promote it using the payment method on file. This sends it across the TLs (timelines) of users that don’t necessarily follow you. Make your promoted tweet shareable by including an interesting video or an eye-grabbing image. Twitter users are mainly looking for news, trivia, or laughter. If your promoted tweet hits all three boxes, you’re in a good place. Plus, promoted tweets aren’t affected by ad blockers.

2. Make Full Use Of The Gif Library

Under ordinary circumstances, gifs add humor and interest to a tweet. Some users are so adept at using gifs that they can have an entire conversation using them. The twitter gif database has everything from moving to quirky. When promoting your LMS on Twitter, first craft your tweet and then add an appropriate gif. It will catch the attention of your target audience and make them more likely to share your tweet. And of course, the more people see and share it, the more prospects you get.

3. Get The Right Hashtag

Some users believe hashtags have no relevance in daily twitter conversation. However, from a brand perspective, they have two benefits. One, they make it easy for Twitter users to search that particular brand or product. Two, if they’re catchy enough, they can be hijacked and get others involved. Tweet-jacking can be scary because it might portray your brand in a negative light. Especially when it’s used for purposes you have never intended. However, it can also make your LMS trend, which creates more sales leads. Keep the hashtag catchy, informative, relevant, and always include your brand name. In addition, double-check that it can’t be misinterpreted and that it isn’t already associated with another brand or cause.

4. Engage Tweeps Directly

The main benefit you have when promoting your LMS on Twitter is its ability for instant response. You could host a live session where ‘tweeps’ can ask questions about your software and receive immediate answers. Twitter is also a good tool for customer care. Create a tech support handle and put skilled techies in charge, so that customers have 24-hour access. You can also look at accounts that are tweeting things related to your LMS brand, software, or sector. @ them directly to start brand-related conversations. It catches the eye of their followers and builds good networks.

5. Ask For Retweets

The simplest thing you can do is type ‘Please RT’ or ‘RT widely’ after your tweet. It doesn’t always work for brands, but in the right context, it can be handy. Just be sure it’s something worth retweeting so that users feel like they’re doing a service. For example, you could tweet about a live demo, informative brand event, or charitable activity. You could also offer rewards for a set number of retweets, to build momentum. Don’t forget to put your brand name in the tweet, preferably in the hashtag.

6. Follow The Right Accounts

Most accounts will follow you back if you follow them. It’s a good way to build your followership, though bigger accounts may have too many followers to notice you. Still, the important thing isn’t your follow-count. It’s seeing the tweets of relevant industry peers. You can respond to those tweets, putting you in the eye-line of their followers. You can also get a read on what your mutual customer prospects are interested in. You can then generate similar content that appeals to your sales leads.

7. Use Your Twitter Handle For Live Events

Create a hashtag for your live promotional event so that participants share opinions, ideas, and feedback on social media. This also ensures that all comments are in one centralized location for easy access. Don’t forget to mention the tag throughout the event and invite attendees to join the online discussion. They’re also able to carry on the conversation after the fact. For example, they may be apprehensive to invest in the product, even though they know it offers a broad range of benefits. One of your sales employees can address their challenges head-on and explain how the USPs tie into real-world applications.

8. Host Twitter FAQs In Real-Time

Host live FAQs on Twitter that give users the opportunity to address their questions and concerns. You can even invite special guest hosts, such as L&D experts who can offer insider tips and tricks to improve online training ROI using your LMS. If you’re pressed for time, ask participants to submit their questions in advance.

Twitter can be a helpful marketing avenue, and it doesn’t have to cost a small fortune. The trick is to harness its reach by speaking its language. That means using lots of humor, gifs, and informative content. #TipsAndTricksFTW. Promote the right tweet and choose your hashtags wisely. Ask for retweets, but only when your content is worth sharing. Follow relevant accounts and have contextual conversations with other users. Above all, keep personal and brand accounts separate, and never tweet from the wrong username.

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