7 Tips To Build Personalized eLearning Experiences For Your Gen Z Employees

7 Tips To Build Personalized eLearning Experiences For Your Gen Z Employees
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Summary: Do you want to make the most of your Gen Z employees? Read on to discover 7 tips on how to build personalized eLearning experiences!

Best Practices When Creating Personalized eLearning Experiences

Have you hired young and promising Gen Z employees but you're struggling to figure out the best way to train them? You're not alone. This generation seems to be driven by a set of unique motivators, and as millions of them prepare to enter the market, discovering how to form a connection is becoming a top priority for businesses. If you want to know how to build personalized eLearning experiences for your Gen Z employees, take a look at the following foolproof tips.

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7 Ways To Connect With Your Gen Z Employees

1. Rely On Visual Material

Gen Z has been surrounded by screens pretty much ever since they were born. Therefore, if you want to create a truly captivating eLearning experience, you will have to utilize image-based training material. However, don't be fooled into thinking that a PowerPoint presentation with bold and colorful images is going to get you far with Gen Z. Your main focus when designing a training program must be on video. Most Gen Z employees would much rather watch a short instructional video than read a set of directions. Therefore, make sure to translate your content into visuals and maybe even invest in a Learning Management System that facilitates searching, storing, and categorizing.

2. Make It Flexible

Younger employees have a less strict approach when it comes to learning. Specifically, they usually don't respond well to training that takes place at a set time and place. On the contrary, they appreciate having the freedom to undergo training at a time that fits their busy schedules. In addition, it's not wise to assign them training that doesn't directly correlate with their role or responsibilities. Generation Z is very favorable towards learning, but only when it adds value to their lives. So, create your course library and support your employees in selecting themselves which skills they need to hone depending on their goals.

3. Promote Self-Direction

A core element of personalized learning, and something you need to keep in mind when building such eLearning experiences, is reminding instructors to take the back seat and giving employees control of their learning path. As we've already mentioned, it's important to direct and not dictate what type of training your employees must take. But beyond that, you can implement flexible deadlines so that everyone can follow their preferred learning pace. This increased sense of responsibility and self-direction results in motivated employees that are personally invested in their progress and performance.

4. Utilize Microlearning

There is a universal truth about members of Generation Z: their attention span is rather short. This is a result of the overly digitized world they grew up in and the quick and captivating stimuli it offered them. Consequently, if your training material isn't bite-sized and direct, don't expect to maintain their interest for longer than a few seconds. For maximum results, aim for 2–3 minute-long educational videos or modules composed of a limited number of concise slides. Utilizing microlearning doesn't only keep your employees engaged but also allows them to advance their training whenever they have free time; for example, during commuting or lunch breaks.

5. Encourage Social Learning

It goes without saying that Generation Z values communication and collaboration. Besides, they always turn to some online community (such as Quora or YouTube) to search for information about their questions. Encourage their tendency to stay connected using forums, chats, and group discussions. Gen Z employees are always eager to share their knowledge, thus supporting the collective development of your workforce. Don't forget to work on face-to-face interactions as well, which Gen Zers might find more challenging. Implement mentorship or cross-training programs to facilitate relationship building and improve communication skills.

6. Focus On Ease Of Use

If your personalized eLearning experience is targeted at younger employees, you might want to evaluate your current equipment and User Interface. In a time of touch screens and intuitive navigation, clunky and outdated training systems will quickly frustrate and alienate your employees. To avoid this issue, focus on the User Experience and invest in modern LMSs that require minimum direction and are easy to use. Additionally, pay close attention to the way you store and categorize resources so that learners can easily search and access them.

7. Accommodate Mobile Learning

Gen Z is accustomed to using their smartphones for everything, from entertainment to shopping and staying informed. It only makes sense that they will expect their training courses to be easily accessible on a mobile device. In fact, being obligated to use a computer might be a reason for them to lose interest in the course altogether. Therefore, when you select a training system, make sure it can effectively format your material so that it fits both larger and smaller screens.


It's a fact that the presence of Gen Z employees is transforming corporate training as we know it. This younger generation is used to customized experiences and personalization in many aspects of their lives. As a result, businesses are looking for ways to create training that will truly captivate them and help them reach their maximum potential. If you want to make the most of your Gen Z employees, follow these best practices to build engaging eLearning experiences.