Top Microlearning LMS Software For Corporate Training

Best Microlearning LMS Software For Corporate Training

Are you looking for the ideal microlearning LMS software? Bite-sized is the best content type for long-term retention and reinforcement. For this reason, many organizations implement micro content for Performance Management. But it’s not as simple as curating content and launching a JIT library.

You still need a platform to deploy and track remote training as well as gather all the info in one convenient location. And that’s where microlearning LMS platforms enter the picture. These Learning Management Systems streamline content maintenance and enhance accessibility. In other words, they’re ideally suited for modern, mobile-friendly support.

The catch is that you must find the top tools without going over budget, which usually involves hours of online research. Even then, you’re still left with a pile of RFP contenders. Fortunately, our top Microlearning LMS Solutions list takes the stress out of vendor vetting.

We’ve gathered all the leading LMS platforms for micro content in one location. You’ll even find product highlights and pricing overviews.

Check out eLearning Industry's Top LMS List for Micro Content to:

  • Determine which LMS is best for your budget and use case
  • Evaluate standout features for the top LMS solutions for bite-sized content
  • Read user LMS reviews to gauge real-world performance
  • Compare LMS tools for micro content based on features
  • Find the right LMS for your needs
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In the following list, we’ve gathered the top Learning Management Systems for microlearning. Please keep in mind that this list is about microlearning LMS software. For all-around corporate training LMSs, you can check out our directory.

What Were The Criteria That Determined Which Vendors Made The List?

Globally recognized LMS experts, including C. Pappas, and our editorial team did a thorough review of each vendor's eligibility and relevant published content (articles, eBooks, webinars). Our committee ranked the best Microlearning LMS software based on the following 9 criteria:

  • Customer support
  • Customer experience
  • Software features
  • Software innovation
  • Customer reviews
  • Economic growth potential
  • Company’s customer retention
  • Employee turnover
  • Company’s social responsibility

Before exploring this top list, make sure to read our tips on what you need to consider when opting for an LMS tool to develop micro content.

Benefits Of Microlearning In Corporate Training

Microlearning has its limitations. For example, more complex topics still require VILT courses. Likewise, you can’t simply break long-form training into bite-sized assets. The benefits of developing micro content rely on effective implementation. Namely, the tools and delivery methods you employ. When done correctly, your organization can reap the following rewards:

Prevent Cognitive Overload

Microlearning LMS software simplifies knowledge transfer because it involves small bits of information. In fact, one of the top microlearning content best practices is to focus on a single objective. That way, employees can absorb the takeaways, process info, and then move onto the next activity.

Improve Performance Behaviors

This bite-sized approach allows trainees to narrow the scope. To illustrate, they can access training tools that are ideal for micro content creation to target personal gaps or even unproductive habits. As a result, employees improve performance behaviors and boost workplace proficiency.

Retain Top Performers

Employees are more likely to stay with your organization if they have ongoing support, like micro content solutions that are self-paced and address skill gaps immediately.

Maximize Resource Allocation

Fortunately, your organization can reuse existing assets to create new bite-sized training activities. But, you can also reduce costs by targeting common pain points. For instance, develop microlearning animated videos to enhance product knowledge instead of creating a full-fledged course.

Provide Mobile-Friendly Support

Mobile learning and microlearning are a perfect pair, as they provide on-the-spot support for remote staff. For example, employees access the microlearning LMS training software to master new tasks or refresh their memory.

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What To Consider When Choosing The Best Microlearning LMS Tools

First and foremost, choosing the ideal corporate LMS for micro content requires detailed Training Needs Analysis. For example, evaluate current LMS metrics, assessment scores, and business reports. Then, determine which microlearning LMS features fill in the gaps. Another option is to hire an outsourcing partner who specializes in training audits. Here are a few things to consider BEFORE you begin the micro content LMS selection process:

L&D Talents And Experience Levels

First and foremost, your team must be able to use the top microlearning solutions to develop and deploy training instead of dealing with a month-long learning curve. So, evaluate their level of tech experience and design talents before investing in a new platform.

Existing Assets And Authoring Tools

Additionally, the microlearning LMS must mesh with existing tools, like authoring platforms and web conferencing software. Furthermore, the system should support your preferred content format to prevent compatibility issues.

Development Timeline And Budget

Calculate an accurate budget to prevent overspending and identify platforms in your price range. Also, you need a realistic timeline for content development and LMS implementation.

Essential LMS Features And Functions To Bridge Current Gaps

Which features and functions do you need to warrant the investment? Above all, microlearning LMS tools should help you bridge gaps cost-effectively. Thus, you must determine which features tie into current pain points.

Define Objectives And Goals Before Making Your Microlearning LMS Decision

Sadly, there’s no shortcut for writing effective goals, objectives, and outcomes. Plus, you need to reevaluate them regularly to ensure they’re still relevant. But, a little prep work now and then goes a long way. Especially if you want to improve ROI and find the right feature-rich LMS. Use these tips to clarify microlearning objectives and get the best value for money:

Ensure All Your Objectives Pass The Measurability Test

Without a doubt, measurability is the key to microlearning training success. Or ANY training initiative, for that matter. You must be able to evaluate the results and track progress based on clear performance indicators.

Gather Feedback From Employees To Identify Hidden Gaps

Collect feedback from staff to disclose hidden areas for improvement. For example, conduct surveys and focus groups to identify task sticking points. Then, develop new micro content training objectives that center on relevant skills or core competencies.

Create Role-Specific Goals To Personalize The Process

In addition to high-level training objectives, you should develop personalized goals based on job duties. For instance, customer service employees have their own microlearning plan that centers on interpersonal skills.

Incorporate Manageable Milestones And Short-Term Goals

Microlearning content solutions are intended for quick consumption. As such, they should involve niche topics and objectives. So, break your long-term objectives into manageable milestones with companion micro content activities.

Which Businesses Can Benefit From Microlearning LMS Solutions?

Every organization can make the most out of microlearning for on-the-spot support, regardless of your staff size or budget. As a matter of fact, SMBs are able to stretch available resources thanks to the versatility of microlearning tools. Simply expand your JIT library to address emerging gaps and goals. That said, there are certain warning signs L&D managers should look for, such as:

Staff Is Unable To Apply Training In Context

Employees might experience information overload or content that puts theory over practice. In either case, microlearning LMS software facilitates real-world application because staff can concentrate on one topic at a time and apply information right away.

Attention Spans Are Getting Short

Do your employees let distractions stand in the way of training success? Due to short attention spans and busy work schedules, microlearning is more popular than ever, as it gives employees quick and convenient bursts of knowledge.

Employees Make Frequent On-The-Job Mistakes

Frequent errors are usually a sign of ineffective training. For example, employees can’t assimilate the info or see how it relates to their job duties. However, micro content training solutions prevent costly mistakes and personalize the process.

Low Employee Retention Rates

If your talent pool is shrinking, microlearning strategies can help you reduce employee turnover. After all, top performers expect JIT support that’s right at their fingertips.

What Are The Types Of Microlearning For Corporate Training?

One of the key advantages of microlearning is that there are so many options available. For instance, you can build interpersonal skills, tackle niche compliance topics, and assess practical know-how. As a matter of fact, bite-sized content can enrich EVERY aspect of your training strategy thanks to positive reinforcement; especially use cases that require self-analysis, memory refreshers, and ongoing evaluation. Below are just a few of the microlearning tools to populate your brand new LMS library.

Explainer Videos

Video-based microlearning is one of the most effective ways to improve employee engagement and simplify complex processes, while bite-sized animated videos are ideal for risky compliance tasks.


These visual aids are ideally suited for microlearning content development because they’re quick to consume. Case in point, employees need help completing a task, and the infographic maps out every step—complete with images, graphs, and bonus tips.

Bite-Sized Serious Games

Serious games take interactive videos a step further and immerse employees in the action. They must use all their skills and professional know-how to achieve the best outcomes, all while defeating formidable foes (AKA difficult customers) and advancing through levels.

Knowledge Checks

One of the most overlooked types of micro content is self-assessment. As an example, employees check their knowledge after every module to gauge their proficiency. Remember, the best microlearning programs provide discreet opportunities for self-reflection.

What Are The Must-Have Features Of An Ideal Microlearning LMS?

First off, when choosing the best LMS for microlearning, you should narrow down the list of your must-have features. These are the core functions you need to maximize ROI and empower employees. For instance, offline support to provide stress-free remote training. Granted, you may not be able to check off every item due to cost constraints. However, there are certain microlearning LMS features that are non-negotiable.

Key Elements Of Top Microlearning LMS Software

Gamification Support

Gamifying microlearning gives employees the opportunity to earn badges and points for notable achievements. Essentially, your organization offers incentives for favorable performance behaviors. You can also incorporate leaderboards to fuel friendly competition and boost employee engagement.

Built-In Authoring

The best micro content experiences are interactive and immersive. Even if they’re designed to shorten seat time. As such, you should consider microlearning LMS software with built-in authoring tools. This reduces development costs without compromising employee engagement due to the fact that your L&D team can create and deploy content using a single system.

Interactive Video Support

Video-based learning is one of the top micro content trends— and, for good reason. This LMS feature can rapidly enrich your JIT library. Given that employees don’t just view a demo or tutorial, but step inside the experience, you can add hot spots and embedded storylines to draw them in.

Robust Reporting

No microlearning LMS solution is complete without advanced reporting features. Particularly, if you want to track employee performance and identify areas of improvement as well as develop timely training interventions. In addition, you should be able to customize reports, training delivery, and user groups.

Mobile Accessibility

Mobile learning is essential for training that focuses on micro content. Modern employees need on-the-go LMS access, instead of being tied to a PC. The system should support seamless learning experiences. For instance, staff can move from one device to another with ease.

Summing up, the microlearning LMS software that you purchase needs to break down the accessibility barriers. Have in mind that modern employees expect training anytime-anywhere. Thus, LMS vendors must prioritize downloadable content, native apps, and other on-the-go features. On the whole, your new LMS platform for micro content development should put employees in control. Every resource centers on personal gaps that tie into their job duties, as opposed to one-size-fits-all courses that force them to rearrange their busy schedules.

eBook Release: Find The Ideal LMS For Your Remote Teams
eBook Release
Find The Ideal LMS For Your Remote Teams
Maybe your organization is on virtual mode. Or you might be looking for a more effective development strategy for your external partners. In this eBook, you can explore the benefits a new LMS can bring to your business.

Evaluate And Compare LMS Vendors Before Starting Your New Microlearning Project

Despite the fact that microlearning LMS features are crucial, there are other factors to consider such as vendor background, reputation, and niche expertise. For example, companies with proven experience in micro content creation must stand behind their product. Likewise, they should rise to the CX challenge and meet your service expectations. Here are few qualifications to look for in your new microlearning LMS software vendor:

Insider Knowledge

At the top of the microlearning checklist for vendor vetting is industry know-how. In this case, it’s tech expertise. Does this LMS vendor stay on top of microlearning trends? More importantly, do they incorporate the latest technology and offer regular updates?

Targeted Use Case

The best LMS tool for micro content should help you deliver effective training for the specific use case of your interest. For instance, you might need a robust platform for workforce development or compliance training. And all the features are built around that. In short, the vendor must understand your sector and all the training challenges involved.

Proven Track Record

There’s nothing wrong with startup companies. After all, every business has been there before. That said, you should look for a solution with an established track record in micro content design. This may be in the form of user reviews, ratings, or social proof.

Active Online Presence

Finally, your new LMS vendor for micro content should have an active online presence. Even though reputation is important, they must also engage with consumers and value public feedback. As an example, they should be responding to social media comments and frequently updating their landing page or portfolio.

Keep in mind that many microlearning LMS software vendors offer free trials or demos. You can test drive the platform before making your final decision. Admittedly, you only have a small window of opportunity to try the features and functions. So, enlist the help of your team to evaluate different aspects of the system. In this case, your L&D admin might focus on reporting, while your resident graphic designer concentrates on built-in authoring features.

Here's eLearning Industry's Top Microlearning LMS Software List

Top Microlearning LMS Software For Corporate Training

If you are among the top microlearning LMS software for corporate training, feel free to add this badge to your website!

1. TalentLMS

TalentLMS, one of the most popular training solutions on the market, comes with all the microlearning features you need. Increase learner engagement and knowledge retention with a Learning Management System that 70,000+ organizations worldwide choose as their primary training platform.

I encourage you to read Talent LMS's reviews in eLearning Industry's directory if you're interested in a hands-on experience.


With TalentLMS, you can build microlearning training programs and courses quickly, explore a wide range of microlearning content types, and monitor the effects of bite-sized training in employee skill development. Let’s dive into all the details:

  • Enable mobile learning
    Give your team the ability to take learning beyond their desk and complete their training on their mobile or tablet device. With TalentLMS’s mobile app for iOS and Android devices, your learners will be able to complete their training at any place, on the go, and at their own pace.
  • Post short, engaging videos
    Online training shouldn’t be static and, luckily, TalentLMS is all for interactive content such as video. Give your training a human, microlearning face, and post short, engaging videos that will keep your learners interested. Embed video content from third-party platforms or upload them directly to your account. Press REC, cut to the chase, post, and you’ll be good to go.
  • Add as many training sections and units as you want
    Microlearning is all about delivering training in chunks. To do so, you need to create as many training sections and units as you want. TalentLMS allows you to build different content types, arrange them in the order that best suits your needs, and maintain this feeling of a fast-paced learning experience. Keep in mind that to make your learners want to keep going and fully leverage the power of microlearning, you need to keep your units short, exciting, and diverse.

Plans And Pricing

TalentLMS provides a completely free version of their product plus eight paid editions priced competitively for businesses of varying size and budget. The free plan supports up to 5 users and up to 10 courses, which should be more than enough to test all the capabilities of the software. Users can also choose from standard or active plans (with unlimited registered users) with the option of getting billed monthly or annually.

Are you ready to experience fuss-free and engaging microlearning with TalentLMS? You can get started with your forever-free TalentLMS account today and get up and running in minutes.

2. Adobe Captivate Prime LMS

Train employees, partners, and customers effectively with a NextGen LMS. Deliver an enhanced and enjoyable learning experience to your learners. Reduce skill gaps to manage a learner ecosystem that is engaged, compliant, and updated. The modern UX enables the sharing of all forms of microlearning content and is particularly nifty for learners who can access all of it on the go—on their desktops or mobile devices.

  • Experience a world-class enterprise LMS from Adobe that is:
    • Recognized by leading analysts and industry bodies
    • Awarded for excellence across multiple categories
    • Adopted by leading corporations around the world
    • Used by millions of engaged learners

Make sure to watch their webinar on Re-Examining Your Organization’s Training Strategy In The Wake Of A Global Pandemic.

You may also check user reviews for Adobe LMS  in our directory!


  • Fluidic player

Take the seamless playback experience offered by Adobe Captivate Prime to your enterprise systems. Embed the Fluidic Player software feature and allow learners to consume courses with a single sign-on. With the Fluidic Player software feature, learners can view and stream virtually any kind of eLearning content.

  • Content provider integration

Give learners access to courses offered by third party content providers, such as Lynda, Harvard Mentor and Get Abstract**. Users can enroll and take the courses from these content providers from within the LMS.

**To be purchased separately from 3rd party content providers

  • Note-taking for revision

Enhance retention by allowing learners to bookmark and create revision notes. Notes can be taken in real-time and span across multiple modules. These notes act like microlearning bytes that learners can email to themselves for easy access.

Plans And Pricing

Pricing starts from $4 per learner per month.

  • Registered User Pricing

With this licensing model in Adobe Captivate Prime, you sign up for a fixed number of registered learners within your account. These are licenses assigned to individuals and they have continuous access to the system. This model is recommended for fixed learner scenarios.

  • Monthly Active User Pricing

Adobe Captivate Prime also offers active user pricing, for organizations which have a floating audience who do not need continuous access to the system.

To discuss details on user pricing please write to Adobe by including your requirements.

Do you want to see what this modern user-friendly LMS looks like? Request a demo!

3. Docebo

Microlearning provides a powerful way to improve retention, employee engagement, and overall business results, and it is especially impactful in a day and age where time and attention come at a premium. Learning content delivered in short, relevant bursts on the Docebo Learning Platform not only provides organizations with a way to reinforce formal training but also provides performance support in the flow of work by giving learners quick and easy access to knowledge capital, applicable at the moment of need.

You can check out user reviews of Docebo's LMS in our directory to get a better idea of the software experience.


Keep your organization from becoming a victim of the dreaded Ebbinghaus forgetting curve, which suggests most people will only recall about 25% of the information from a weekend training event by the time they return to the office the following Monday. The Docebo Learning Platform can help you make microlearning an impactful and measurable ingredient in your learning mix in order to drastically improve learning outcomes and ensure that information is actually retained.

  • Reinforce formal training
    A quick 5-minute video or an engaging, short slide presentation serves to back up the course material that was delivered in a formal session, allowing learners to focus on the material that addresses a particular problem when they need a quick refresher. Docebo’s Virtual Coach nudges learners with suggested content that might be most helpful.
  • Knowledge exactly when and where it’s needed
    Docebo’s award-winning, native mobile learning app is an ideal place to deploy microlearning content, allowing learners to consume material no matter where they are, even if they don’t have an internet connection (offline capability). Slice longer pieces of content—webinars, for example—into bite-sized, easily-digestible chunks and use content Suggestion and Invite-to-Watch functionalities to ensure learners know what to watch next and who, within their teams, might also find that content useful.
  • Let your experts build your knowledge library
    Supercharge micro-content by pairing it with social learning. Docebo Discover, Coach & Share gives SMEs and learners a place to create short videos, and upload and share content they’ve found on their own. Eventually, your internal experts will curate a vast library of microlearning assets that new employees can use and continue to build upon.

Plans And Pricing

The Docebo Enterprise plan is available for organizations, starting with 300 monthly active users and beyond. Compared to other learning technology vendors that use a monthly active user model and base usage on the number of logins, Docebo counts a monthly active user as a learner who accesses learning content within a 30-day cycle. This is particularly applicable to companies using the learning platform for onboarding and compliance training activities, as the number of learners accessing a course may fluctuate each and every month, therefore providing them with the flexibility of only paying for the users actually accessing the content on the platform.

See how Docebo can power your employee onboarding activities.

4. Learn Amp

Learn Amp is a powerful content creation and curation platform that makes full use of the benefits of microlearning, allowing you to add content that you create in-app, upload, bring in from the web, or purchase through their marketplace. The platform is flexible and agile to use so you can curate micro-assets into Learnlists and pathways with ease. Their philosophy is to use bite-sized learning from the best sources in the flow of work, but also to provide Just-In-Time content to help learners and support L&D professionals in their various activities. Learn more about this software experience by reading user reviews for Learn Amp in eLearning Industry's directory.

Make sure to read their eBook Microlearning 101: A Best Practice Guide To Supercharge Your L&D Program!


  • Learnlists and pathways
    They allow you to curate many forms of micro content from various sources (created in-app, web, paid for, etc.), and then, like popular platforms like Spotify, you can use "Learnlists" to easily build courses in an agile and cost-effective way that delivers high impact.
  • Self-record video and audio
    On your phone, tablet, or desktop you can record videos and audio clips in-app. This is incredibly valuable when curating from various sources, as these clips act as context setters or context "bridges" between content to act as the "context glue" that makes this kind of curation coherent and impactful.
  • User-Generated Content
    One of the biggest strengths of microlearning is to allow you to stay up to date in the ever-shifting L&D landscape. Bring your end users into the equation by allowing them to add their own content that they create or curate for the web. This "hive intelligence" allows you to benefit from the whole organization sourcing and pooling the collective acquisition of knowledge, driving value, and spreading the workload and efficiencies of content management and creation.

Plans And Pricing

They have a series of packages on a sliding price scale, from LMS directional learning to adding more advanced LXP self-service features (i.e, social learning, coaching, advanced assessments). Or, go for their full suite of tools by adding performance development tools, like digital check-ins, appraisals, and objective settings. Choose where you are at in the development of your L&D strategy, and they can find a package to match. Learn Amp specializes in working with businesses of all sizes in order to support their organizational development, tailoring the platform to work for you.

If you want to transform your business into a modern organization through training, go ahead and sign up for Learn Amp LMS now!

5. GnosisConnect

At Infopro Learning, they create products and services that unlock the performance of employees, businesses, and L&D organizations. With over 25 years of experience in the corporate training industry, they know what it takes to run a successful learning organization, whether it is for employees or customers. The GnosisConnect LMS is designed based on an extensive survey among corporates to identify the most utilized LMS features, including features for microlearning. This makes their product aligned to modern organizations and business needs. You can find GnosisConnect's reviews in our directory.

Make sure to watch their webinar on Using Learning Analytics To Accelerate Remote Workforce Engagement


Their learning management tool is designed to address the core challenges that help organizations maximize the Return On Investment of training programs:

  • Learning experience
    Their LMS is focused on the entire learning experience to maximize content consumption. With seamless video and mobile-enabled features, it is an effective platform for delivering microlearning for increased learner engagement.
  • Custom-built
    Their tool is customized to fit your needs and aligns with specific training requirements. With GnosisConnect LMS, you can deliver a variety of content-type to spearhead your microlearning strategy, including videos, simulations, podcasts, and more.
  • Multi-device delivery
    Their LMS is aligned with the needs of modern corporate learners and helps deliver micro content that the learners can access on the go—be it on laptops, tablets, or mobile devices. This makes sure that training is more accessible and thus, more impactful for the organization.

Ready to make your corporate training better? Explore a unique approach to learning management with a free trial!

6. Sap Litmos

SAP Litmos Training is an LMS that powers training for today’s intelligent enterprise. It’s the engine behind some of the most sophisticated training programs in the world with the capacity to scale to millions of users, a NextGen feature set, and an interface best known for streamlined simplicity and incredible ease of use. It makes it simple to create and assign microlearning courses to drive higher engagement and retention levels for today's busy learners.

Don't miss their webinar on the 3 Cs approach to employee training!


  • Online course builder and content management
    Easily create and offer microlearning courses to learners right within the platform.
  • Off-the-shelf content library
    Take advantage of built-in, microlearning content that's video-based and professionally created by learning experts.
  • Customized microlearning paths
    String together multiple micro-courses in logical groupings to create personalized training paths for your learners.

Plans And Pricing

Starting as low as $4 per user per month, plans can include the SAP Litmos Training LMS as a standalone solution or combined with SAP Litmos Training Content for access to 1,000+ professionally designed, off-the-shelf courses. You can read the latest user opinions and reviews for SAP Litmos in our directory.

Sign up for a free, no-obligation, 14-day trial!

7. Stream LXP From Learning Pool

Learning Pool has enjoyed a landmark 12 months. Highlights include: growing its client base to more than 800 global organizations; the launching of its new LXP, Stream; acquiring award-winning innovative learning solutions provider, HT2 Labs; and, winning a vast array of awards, including Gold for Innovation at the 2019 Learning Technologies Awards and Gold at the International CSR awards. The Learning Pool ecosystem of ready-made eLearning catalogs, custom content production, and powerful LMS, LXP, LRS, and authoring tools give clients the ability to quickly deliver personalized streams of expert content and curated experiences that rapidly drive performance during onboarding and beyond. In case you want to explore features and customer reviews for Stream LXP, simply visit our directory.

Make sure to download their eBook Powering The Modern Learner Experience | Next-Generation Learning Tools Come Of Age!


Their Open Learning Experiences (publicly accessible courses) are a great example of how their LXP platform, Stream, can be used to create microlearning content which suits self-directed learning. As it became clear that a huge amount of people would need to access their learning online quickly due to the coronavirus pandemic, they launched Rapidly Put Your Learning Online.

It addressed learning professionals' needs with:

  • An open structure, which orders content in a way that makes it useful both in a linear sequence and as Just-In-Time learning.
  • Many different types of content; repurposed, curated, and created to be the best format of short-form learning to address each subject.

You might also like to download their eBook on How to Improve Team Performance In Your Organisation.

Plans And Pricing

With learning in the workflow with Stream, consuming bite-sized experiences has never been easier or more convenient. Combining frictionless access to content with the power of Artificial Intelligence to offer personalized content recommendations, Stream is the ideal platform for serving micro content to your audience. With Stream, your microlearning doesn't need to be bound by any one format or authoring tool either. The platform can be used to deploy eLearning, video, podcasts, PDFs, curated content, and so much more. Take these resources to the next level with Stream's social learning functionality and combine with the other industry-leading products from the Learning Pool ecosystem for deep analytics, chatbot integration, and campaign functionality.

Visit their website for more information on how to enhance your learning with an LXP.

8. Growth Engineering's Academy LMS

Growth Engineering is a learning technology provider, engagement expert, and microlearning proponent. They believe that small really is beautiful.

Growth Engineering's Academy LMS is designed to provide super engaging microlearning experiences. The platform integrates directly with their Genie content authoring tool so content creators can quickly and easily create custom micro content—no technical knowledge is required.

Admins can add game mechanics to ensure learners keep coming back for more. Badges, XP, and levels help to incentivize the right behaviors and facilitate bite-sized experiences. As they consume more content, learners can even begin to climb up the leaderboard. This is all wrapped up in a social environment, where learning communities can be forged and knowledge can be shared. Head to our directory to read reviews about The Academy LMS and discover why it is a perfect fit for your microlearning projects.

Make sure to read their eBook about Behaviour Change In The Workplace Using A Microlearning App!


  • Authoring tool integration
    Direct integration with Genie content authoring tool, so content creators can quickly and easily create custom micro content—with no technical knowledge required.
  • User-generated microlearning content
    Facilitate User-Generated Content through social streams, live chat, and expert areas. This LMS forms an environment where knowledge can be shared in quick, bite-sized chunks.

Plans And Pricing

The Academy LMS is one of the world's most engaging Learning Management Systems. It's perfect for promoting and facilitating interactive experiences. With its direct Genie content authoring integration, game mechanics, social options, and reporting suite, you have everything you need to create, share, and track your bite-sized content.

It is responsive so it will perform well and look great regardless of the device you choose to access it with. You can even link it to a mobile app solution to facilitate next level micro mobile learning experiences.

Sign-up for a live demonstration of their award-winning microlearning platform, The Academy LMS!

9. iSpring Learn

They have been providing eLearning solutions for content authoring and learning management in the corporate and educational sectors since 2001. Their products are used on every continent by over 54,000 clients who love their software because it's quick and easy to learn and use, reliable, and supported by award-winning technology. The company creates top-quality products for microlearning and online training. Their core products—iSpring Suite, a toolkit for authoring courses, and iSpring Learn LMS—allow content developers to create micro courses without a hitch, and even with no course creation experience. Visit their LMS review section in our directory to read what other users think of this eLearning solution.

Make sure to read their article on Microlearning And mLearning to learn why you should adopt these two trends right now.


iSpring Learn is a cloud-based LMS designed to deliver high-standard corporate training. It is fully automated and has an auto-notification option for new courses and due dates. It also allows the development of targeted training that adapts learning programs to specific groups of learners. The LMS has features that enable users to create micro-courses and fill them with interactive and engaging content:

  • Integrated authoring toolkit
    iSpring Suite is a friendly authoring toolkit that allows users to quickly build learning content such as video lectures, dialog simulations, quizzes, and surveys right in PowerPoint.
  • Built-in micro-course editor
    This editor allows for the quick creation of articles with images, videos, and knowledge check questions right in the LMS.
  • Mobile app
    iSpring's mobile app enables administrators to share microlearning courses with learners in just a few clicks. And they can get a hassle-free learning experience anywhere, on any device and platform, even offline.

Plans And Pricing

iSpring Learn's pricing starts at $2.82 per user/month. With whatever pricing plan users have, they always get a complete package of LMS features and ongoing updates. iSpring LMS is a great solution for both learners and instructors. With it, anyone can create a program and track results in no time. Training content can be crafted from existing materials: slides, articles, videos, and how-tos or it can be easily built with iSpring’s authoring toolkit. There are no storage limits for content, no need to pay more to unlock extra GBs of space. And if users face some issue, the support team is always ready to help via email, phone, or chat.

To start creating microlearning courses with iSpring Learn, start your iSpring Learn free trial!

Find The Ideal LMS To Implement Your Microlearning Program
Save time and money. Compare top LMS software for Microlearning by features, reviews, and rating!

Next Steps After Checking eLearning Industry’s Top List For Microlearning LMS Software

Choosing amongst the best microlearning LMS software requires due diligence if you want your training to be a success. As such, you shouldn’t make hasty decisions or spring for the first LMS you stumble upon. In fact, it’s usually a team effort. Gather feedback from employees, then ask for recommendations and invite them to test drive the tool. When all is said and done, Learning Management Systems should address your current AND future needs. Consider whether it’s user-friendly for everyone and if it will evolve with your growing L&D demands.

Luckily, this top list featuring LMS tools for micro content can help expedite the selection process and implement microlearning best practices. Also, why not peruse our Top Learning Management Systems directory for other training platforms. If you’re looking for more insider secrets to select the right system, How To Buy The Right LMS: The Complete Guide is a must-read.

Yet another resource you can tap into, free of charge, is the rest of our Top Lists For eLearning solutions. They feature systems for virtually every use case and industry. Additionally, you can reach out to our in-house experts to find the LMS that matches your needs. It only takes a few minutes to sum up your project specs, and we’ll send a personalized list of recommendations.

Last, but not least, LMS vendors are more than welcome to submit a free listing to eLearning Industry.

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