7 Tips To Use Instagram In Your Online Training Program

Online Training With Instagram 7 Tips
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Summary: Instagram isn’t just for influencers and cute cat pics. In this article, I share 7 tips on how to use the popular social media platform to engage employees and reinforce knowledge in online training.

7 Ways Instagram Can Be Useful For Your Online Training

You (and your employees) probably use Instagram to keep tabs on pop icons and family friends alike. It’s a versatile platform that never seems to go out of style. That’s probably because it’s more visual than other sites but still allows small doses of commentary for context, which makes it the ideal choice for your online training program. No need to train staffers on how to use the site for ongoing support or deal with a steep learning curve, since they know the ins and outs already. Read on for tips to use Instagram in online training to incorporate social learning and connect with your corporate audience.

1. Separate Personal From Professional

Employees probably don’t want to see your latest vacation photos. Granted, pics of that amazing meal you had on the beach would probably make their mouths water. So, create a separate Instagram account for your online training program that’s reserved for L&D purposes. You should also be careful about how often you post and the nature of the content. For example, flooding their feeds with hourly pics probably isn’t the best idea, or to share photos of controversial topics or issues even if they do tie into training.

2. Link To Relevant Sites Or Social Media Groups

Include Bitly links to sites, online guides, or social media groups that relate to the online training Instagram post. For example, the photo features an employee in the approved uniform, so share links to infographics, interactive manuals, and other resources to reinforce the dress code. Employees can access the resources to get the full story behind the post and refresh their memory. This approach is also useful for online training resources with low participation rates. Maybe employees are just unaware the activity is in the LMS and need a little Insta nudge.

3. Share Product Knowledge Video Clips

Most people associate pictures with Instagram. However, you can also post brief video clips that bring content to life. Why not use this social learning feature to highlight the latest products and their benefits. Sales staff can learn more about how to use the item and incorporate it into their pitch. You can even showcase maintenance tips to extend the life of the product and improve customer loyalty. In fact, you may want to create a separate Instagram account exclusively for consumers who want to follow your brand.

4. Showcase A Top Performer To Motivate And Inspire

Sometimes we all need a pat on the back, even if it’s in the form of an Instagram post that recognizes our achievements. Shine the spotlight on a weekly top performer who stands out in your organization. Maybe it’s the customer service employee who handled a complaint with ease and brought in repeat business, or a warehouse staffer who broke the record for the most accident-free days on the job. They appreciate the fact that you acknowledge their hard work, and their peers are motivated to achieve their potential.

5. Post Photo Carousels To Demo Everyday Tasks

Instagram also features photo carousels, which allow you to upload multiple pics in a single post which is ideal for task demos that don’t require video. For example, include three snapshots that highlight every step of the process. This should be limited to tasks that involve minimal explanation to avoid confusion, such as how to log in to the POS system with screenshots and brief text walk-throughs. This feature is also great for dos and don’ts. As an example, one photo shows employees the right way to handle the product, while the other highlights common mistakes.

6. Offer A Daily Tip With Brief Text

The beauty of using social learning and social media in an online training program is that it’s a daily habit for most employees. They check their Instagram accounts every morning on their way to work or while waiting for the next meeting. As such, it’s an effective way to squeeze bite-size tips into their workday without making it seem forced or structured. Post a daily pointer for every department or job role. For instance, the sales online training Instagram account features a new technique or product knowledge refresher every day. Another option is to invite employees to share their own tips or anecdotes and post them on the company page, with credit to the contributor, of course.

7. Invite Employees To Share Their Own Instagram Stories

In addition to video clips and carousels, Instagram has "stories" that are automatically erased after 24 hours. So, encourage employees to create their own social learning tales and share them with the group. You can either highlight their accounts in a daily post or develop a list of links within the LMS. Employees follow peers with similar interests or goals. A word of caution: set some rules so trainees don’t abuse this privilege and bring their personal lives into the discussion. For example, they shouldn’t share posts about their weekend, unless it’s about a client meeting they had to host on Saturday. They must be respectful of each other’s opinions and beliefs, as well. Check in on the Instagram accounts periodically to ensure it’s still worthy of the list and doesn’t violate company protocols.

The secret to Insta's success is to moderate posts and diversify content. Don’t just rely on images of the workplace to connect with remote employees. Share video clips, slideshows, and daily tips to get them involved. You should also encourage them to leave comments or questions to boost interactivity. Lastly, give staffers the opportunity to link to their Instagram training accounts to facilitate knowledge sharing within your organization.

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