Top 20 Learning And Development Value Tweeters

Top 20 Learning And Development Value Tweeters
Summary: Social media (SoMe) and social learning can be exceptionally overwhelming. Social media should provide opportunities to learn, grow, and share with others. A space to build professional value, not a space to follow people because of popularity. Check out the first top 20 Learning and Development Value Tweeters.

Top Learning And Development Value Tweeters: The L&D Breakfast Club 

If you’re like me, you find social media overwhelming. Once I believe I’ve got a handle on my social media world, something else peeks around the corner and puts me in a tizzy. You try to resist, but it’s futile only because your existing social media network pressures you to try the new tool and then you begin to use it regularly. And then the vicious cycle repeats. I’m not technology averse. Far from it. I welcome new technology. But occasionally I do come across as the crotchety old fart yellin’ at the young’uns “Git your fancy, dancy tech off of my grass!”. Without being old-fashioned, I’m actually asking: How will it add value to my professional or personal life? And why does this article focus on Learning and Development value Tweeters?

Value In Social Media  

My professional social media network focuses on value. And Twitter is the social media choice I value more than others. People typically have two reactions when I say this. They: 1) cringe believing it’s a time waster or, 2) yawn muttering to themselves that Twitter is so passé or it’s is a dying social media platform (according to some tech analyst reports). The second claim is beyond my control, but I will address the first point.

I encourage people to get on Twitter and to follow me (my handle, by the way, is @bizlearningdude). When I do, I get the eye roll and the obligatory venting about how Twitter is something only for teenagers and marketers. The eye roll is unnecessary, but the perception is relatively accurate.

It’s not my ambition to be a Twitter spokesperson, unless they’re willing to pay me (you’ll be the first to know). But regular people and professionals, like you and me, should be active, or at least following people, on Twitter. Like any tool, however, how and when you use it is completely in your control. So, if your perception of Twitter is wasting time then you’re using (or used) it wrong.

I mentioned earlier that my social media strategy focuses on “value”. But what “value” means to me is probably different for you. In my case, value is about “learning diversity”. My Twitter value approach is to follow people within my business and personal interests providing new perspectives, diving deep into topics, or discovering new things colleagues are doing.

The same way I decide whom I follow is the way I tweet to followers. Yes, there is some self-promotion, but even with that I strive to deliver value. When using Twitter professionally I decide a focus. Having a focus helps to attract an appropriate audience and deciding whom to follow. Simply, determine the value you expect following others and what value you expect to offer followers. Do this and I will follow you!

Why “Value” Tweeters?

Value motivated me to write this article. There are many valid “Who to Follow on Twitter” lists, but regretfully, many often skew results by number of followers and/or tweet volume rather than the Tweeter’s value/quality. There was a time I followed Richard Branson (@richardbranson) for his entrepreneurial thinking. But his tweets diverged from business/leadership to environmental issues. While admirable, it didn’t add any value for me.

I value my time. I’m certain you do too. Out of personal frustration trying to discover value tweeters, positive follower feedback, and the help of some very value-tweeting colleagues, I created the first Top 20 Learning and Development Value Tweeters list.

Unlike lists encouraging you to follow someone based on number of followers or tweets or worse, list “worthiness”, our criteria asks two simple questions: 1) do you get value from following the tweeter? and, 2) what value do you get from following them? No fancy qualifying criteria; no convoluted selection process; just evidence that the Tweeter delivers value.

Top 20 Learning and Development Value Tweeters list will help you to discover value from Twitter. So with eLearning Industry’s generosity and support, below is the first, bi-annual list of the Top 20 Learning and Development Value Tweeters. Please enjoy and share your Twitter experiences with us. We may eventually rate Tweeter’s value based on your feedback.

Top 20 Learning And Development Value Tweeters In No Ranking Order

1. @NickFloro (Nick Floro, USA)

Nick brings calm and sanity to all things eLearning. He’s a wealth of practical Learning and Development resources and quick hacks to improve learning solutions. I love what he offers. Follow him but make a point to meet him and pick his brain, you won’t regret it.

2. @MelMilloway (Melissa Milloway, USA)

Self-professed learning imaginer, Mel is an up-and-coming L&D and eLearning leader. She provokes other by asking, why are you doing it this way? Mel is the next Learning and Development generation and one to watch. Her tweets are insightful and practical.

3. @aa_altieri (Anthony Altieri, USA)

Anthony is one of few Learning and Development gems that tweets about technology practicality and pushing its limits within workplace learning. He’s your decoder for xAPI, beacons, and Internet of things. Consider Anthony a practical Learning and Development technology futurist.

4. @LearnKotch (Con Sotidis, Australia)

Do you want uncensored Learning and Development thoughts? Then Con is your source. He strives to always identify how Learning and Development can/should improve by offering interesting and, at times, thought-provoking solutions. Passionate describes him best. Trust me, he’ll keep you thinking.

5. @SnapSynapse (Sam Rogers, USA)

Confused about using audio, video, and anything to broadcast or record? Sam is the guy I turn to. His wealth of A/V knowledge is an essential resource for every Learning and Development practitioner expecting to become interactive. And he’s an awesome beat boxer!

6. @SeaSaltLearning @JulianStodd (Julian Stodd, UK)

Navigating and applying social media in Learning and Development is overwhelming, but following Julian, Learning and Development’s understated social media guru, simplifies your L&D life and effort. He focuses on key areas within social learning and leadership, culture and change.

7. @RayJimenez (Ray Jimenez, US)

Want to know more about microlearning and gain interesting insights for Learning and Development in general? Ray tweets valuable content for Learning and Development practitioners wanting to build and maintain their Learning and Development knowledge and experience. Let's just say, he's a smart guy.

8. @KKapp (Karl Kapp, US)

Karl is the recognized Learning and Development gamification Wikipedia. His tweets about new gamification concepts and emphasizes proper gamification application in Learning and Development. There is so much value following Karl with his tweets, re-tweets, and his writings that he doesn’t disappoint. And he's one of the most grounded people you'll ever meet.

9. @LisaMinogueW (Lisa Minogue-White, UK)

Following Lisa is refreshing as she always provides an Learning and Development sanity check. She brings a realistic perspective to approaching and applying your Learning and Development efforts within a business and performance context. Two words for Lisa: Intelligent and real. Lisa keeps you grounded.

10. @Activatelearn (Helen Blunden, Australia)

Helen is another Australian Learning and Development thought-provoker. Her twitter description tells her story: Inspiring subversives in business to bust myth that to learn at work means doing mind numbing training.

11. @Moehlert (Mark Oehlert, USA)

Mark is my favorite Star Wars fan and if you meet him, ask about his tat! He’s one of the most progressive GEN Xers and Learning and Development people I know. His posts are always thought provoking and pushes you to think about various elements affecting Learning and Development’s future.

12. @Tmiket (Mike Taylor, USA)

Mike is a value tweeter by many. He provides curation around all types of learning and eLearning concepts and is continually seeking ways to share tips and techniques to improve a learning practitioners life.

13. @Flipchartguy (Brian Washburn, USA)

I’ve followed Brian for over a year now and he really provides value around eLearning and instructional design concepts. He describes himself as a rockin' Instructional Designer, all-around training geek. Can’t go wrong with that!

14. @Robgadd4 (Robert Gadd, USA)

Rob is a widely recognized, and often understated, expert in Learning Management Systems and mobile LMS applications and implications. He’s one of the most sought after xAPI people in the business. Have a Learning Management System or xAPI concern? Then you must follow Rob. And he's just a downright cool dude.

15. @Tomspiglanin (Tom Spiglanin, USA)

Tom is one of a kind. If you’re seeking someone to provide great advice to improve your Learning and Development efforts using various forms of visual media then follow Tom. Direct, frank, and insightful are the best words to describe Tom’s approach. He's always willing to help people out.

16. @Mlassoff (Mark Lassoff, USA)

Want to develop your eLearning skills and programming ability? Follow Mark! His straight-up approach provides guidance for both and direction on how to become a better and more capable eLearning practitioner. Practical and direct sums up Mark.

17. @iSocialFanz (Brian Fanzo, USA)

Brian Fanzo is a rock star for building lasting social media strategies. He’s may not be a Learning and Development expert, but is a self-declared learner. Unlike other experts, Brian is grounded and genuine. He wants to help you succeed and be successful with social media. Check him out.

18. @Craig_Sybert (Craig Sybert, USA)

I champion people with passion and provide selfless value. Craig personifies this. He’s a recent addition to Learning and Development and even though he doesn’t have a large following (yet), we’re fans. He’s insightful and a critical thinking practitioner. One to follow; one to watch!

19. @Bschlenker (Brent Schlenker, USA)

Fortunately I call Brent a friend, but doing so also cause challenges for me; in a good way. Brent will expand your Learning and Development media/tech universe. He’s always seeking ways to leverage media/tech to facilitate learning interactions. A must follow and a wealth of info.

20. @Bizlearningdude (Ajay Pangarkar, Canada)

I hesitate being on the list, but some followers reminded me the value I deliver for them. What I tweet to followers and how I follow people demonstrate that I use Twitter as a learning tool. Followers consider me Learning and Development’s business “conscience”. Following me provides business and performance perspective for all issues in Learning and Development.

Final Word 

Please enjoy and visit all of the Tweeters on this list. Even if you decide to follow only one or two, you will build your personal value. Please share your Twitter experiences with these Tweeters or others you believe deliver consistent value. We may rate Tweeter’s value based on your feedback and they may be on the next Learning and Development value Tweeters list.