Top 20 Learning And Development Value Tweeters (3rd Edition)

Top 20 Learning And Development Value Tweeters (3rd Edition)
Summary: Learning is at the core of knowledge and, as part of the learning community, there is a responsibility for us, and our colleagues, to disseminate knowledge objectively and to also be learners. Check out the 3rd Top 20 Learning and Development Value Tweeters.

Top Learning And Development Value Tweeters: The L&D Breakfast Club (3rd Edition)

The New Year is upon us once again and it’s no surprise that the many ‘whom you should follow’ lists are out. The usual suspects are around and flogging, or preaching, that their list is “the” list of people you should follow. Like lambs to a slaughter, many will mindlessly follow whom these list recommend without critically thinking if they should follow them at all.

Now, we’re not saying that you should follow any of the value Tweeters on our list. What we are saying is that when deciding whom to follow on Twitter, especially those responsible for the knowledge of others (e.g. Learning and Development practitioners) it’s essential to be judicious and not be influenced by an unverified list. And by the way, the way our list is verified is that we follow all on this and those on our past Top 20 lists. But it doesn’t mean you should.

Learning Is About Adding Value!

Our own social media efforts focus is primarily on developing professional knowledge. How we decide whom to follow is the way we believe our followers feel about following us. Naturally, there is some self-promotion, but even so those are knowledge value adding tweets.

Before we’re accused of slighting valid ‘Who to Follow on Twitter’ lists we will say there are some really good lists out there. But regretfully, there are many more lists skewing their results by number of followers or tweet volume rather than the Tweeter’s contribution. There are many valueless “Tweeter lists” thriving on nepotism rather than what’s relevant to their followers.

This is our third “Top 20 L&D Value Tweeters” list. We initially created it from personal frustration seeing one valueless “Tweeter list” after another with the same valueless names over and over. Our list is not about popularity or ego. Our list seeks unrecognized, under-valued, smart, and grounded “Tweeters” who deliver value. We follow them because of the wealth of learning their tweets deliver and list them because they deserve recognition.

Unlike other lists encouraging you to follow people based on number of followers, tweets, or worse, list ‘worthiness’, our criteria asks two questions:

  1. Do you get value from following the tweeter? And,
  2. What value do you get from following them? No fancy qualifying criteria; no convoluted selection process; no ego; no nepotism.

This Top 20 L&D Value Tweeters list will help you rediscover that Twitter can deliver learning value. With eLearning Industry’s generosity and support please enjoy the third, bi-annual list of the Top Learning And Development Value Tweeters (in no specific ranking).

Top 20 Learning And Development Value Tweeters In No Ranking Order

1. @DonaldHTaylor (Donald Taylor, UK)

Learning and Development practitioners recognize Don as an individual with a depth of knowledge and experience workplace learning and learning technologies. Don always post interesting topics that keeps me informed and wanting to learn more. There is no disappointment for learning value when you follow Don. And be sure to visit LTUK.

2. @MeghanMBiro (Meghan Biro, US)

Meghan is an excellent resource to follow since she focuses on talent management. Her bio is quite extensive and she backs it up with valuable tweets providing insightful knowledge. She is one value Tweeter I look forward to seeing what she’ll tweet next. She has an extensive following, but is able to very much approachable.

3. @KatieStroudPro (Katie Stroud, US)

Who claims they’ll help you change the world with training? Katie does. Sincere, honest, helpful, and full of value is how we would describe Katie. She will provide you with great value through her tweets and make you feel very intelligent. And be sure to follow her learning ventures and fun bike tours.

4. @LightbulbJo (Jo Cook, UK)

One word describes Jo, genuine. You will discover some excellent L&D resources and she always relates it back to the basics. Jo is also involved with the Training Journal another excellent resource. Also, Jo has an awesome smile that you just want to follow her.

5. @simmons_m (Mike Simmons, US)

Mike is our L&D anomaly and we say that with affection. Mike is your ‘Sales’ training guy. Before you say ‘not for me’, he’s got mad Sales skills that every L&D person so desperately needs. Mike’s value-driven approach will get you internal respect. Listen to his awesome podcast called Catalyst Sales. But be warned, watch out for those pearly whites.

6. @DavidTylerVO (David Tyler, Canada)

We’re fortunate to call David friend and colleague. Even though David is not directly involved with L&D, when you’re in front of the camera or voicing eLearning projects David is your go-to guy for voice coaching and voice presence. He’s literally a voice pro being the voice over person for major TV networks, commercials, and events around the world. He has great tweets and a voice-coaching offering.

7. @dawnjmahoney (Dawn Mahoney, US)

Don’t let that warm, friendly personality throw you off. Dawn has my vote for ‘critical thinker’. She tweets excellent posts about L&D and is the first to roll up her sleeves to get results. Dawn is of strong conviction. So, if you challenge her prepare to properly defend yourself. We’re proud to have her as a Value Tweeter.

8. @tnorum (Toddi Norum‏, US)

It’s only recently we learned about Toddi. Her tweets are not only valued but you can tell they come from her heart. She is sincere and insightful, rare qualities in a world where it’s all about ‘me’. A self-described life-long learner and lover of music, art, and travel it’s well worth to follow her on Twitter and her blog on Medium.

9. @MiPS1608 (Michelle Parry-Slater‏, UK)

Expecting something more direct from L&D resources? Michelle is the person you should turn to. Her healthy appetite to deliver the facts and relevant resources behind effective learning environments is refreshing among a forest of pretenders. And be sure never to miss her #NoPlasters campaign on

10. @lisaMinogueW (Lisa Minogue-White, UK)

Forthright. Objective. Insightful. Curious. These how we would describe Lisa. Following her assures you are well informed and she'll will hunt down the answer to questions you may not know you want answered. She provides real world insights, experiences, and a variety of thoughts about LD. She is also a host on

11. @johnkissingerVO (John Kissinger, USA)

John is the educational and L&D voice over guy you need for your eLearning projects. His Twitter presence is something you need to follow as he provides valuable tips and resources to make your eLearning more engaging and learners engage.  He’s also a really helpful person. Follow him and share his tweets.

12. @AnCoppens (AnCopens, UK)

An is the Chief Game Changer at Gamification Nation Ltd, a London-based company focused on gamification. What An brings is substance. Her tweets are substantiated with supported theory and experience. Also, by following her you will get some quick gamification tips.

13. @cpappas (Christopher Pappas, Greece)

Although Chris leads, the publisher of this article, you must follow him. His L&D writings about eLearning, LMSs, and all learning technologies are deep and well researched. Chris tweets extensively and by following him you’re bound to discover something that will help your efforts. Chris is one of the friendliest and helpful people you’ll meet and is a must to follow.

14. @weisblatt (Adam Weisblatt, USA)

Adam’s account states he’s a Learning Technology Strategist, eLearning magician, creative problem solver, visual thinker, and an artist who understands business. Can you ask for more? Anyone that thinks like this is someone we want to learn from. His tweets provide for insightful and practical applications. Adam is one of the most grounded people you’ll meet.

15. @Marcoable (Marco Faccini‏, UK)

Looking at being more innovative with your learning approach? Then Marco is your resource. More than a recognized learning expert, Marco is the one you go to for anything Virtual Reality. Fear not the future and new tech… Marco will be gentle and share the most relevant knowledge.

16. @GerDriesen (Ger Driesen, Netherlands)

Ger Driesen is an international expert in the field of learning, leadership, and talent development. But more interesting is how he refers to himself as a ‘Trendcatcher’. He will share how to build lasting social media strategies. Ger always delivers value and a true value tweeter.

17. @ebase (Nigel Paine, UK)

Nigel delivers exceptional introspection through his tweets. If you want depth in Learning and Development then the resources he provides is what you're looking for. Furthermore, his doesn't limit his tweets and you'll discover a variety of interesting thoughts, insights, and topics. Nigel is quite an interesting value tweeter and someone to follow.

18. @LearnKotch (Con Sotidis, Australia)

Without question, Con is our favorite, lovable Aussie who doesn’t censor his thoughts about L&D when he tweets. More than just a critic, Con strives to always identify how L&D can/should improve by offering interesting and, at times, thought-provoking solutions. Passionate describes him best. Trust us, he’ll keep you thinking.

19. @MLassoff (Mark Lassoff, USA)

Are your tech and eLearning development skills a little rusty? What to do more with the design of your eLearning courses past using a generic software? Then follow Mark! His straight-up approach provides insight into both areas and provides direction on how to become a better and more capable eLearning practitioner.

20. @NickFloro (Nick Floro, USA)

Nick will always be a staple in my social media world. He is awesomely smart in L&D and way too humble for his own good. Like I’ve said in previous lists, he brings calm and sanity to all things eLearning. He’s also our favorite L&D/eLearning hacker to improve your learning efforts. Make sure you meet him in person. He’s always willing to share his knowledge.

21. (List Bonus) @aa_altieri (Anthony Altieri, USA)

We can't ever leave Anthony off of our list because his expertise is so needed in a biased Learning and Development profession. Anthony is a unique L&D gem tweeting about technology practicality and pushing its limits within workplace learning. He’s your decoder for xAPI, beacons, and Internet of Things. Consider Anthony a practical L&D technology futurist.


@Bizlearningdude (Ajay Pangarkar, Canada)

I’m proud to be a self-described value Tweeter. My value tweeting habits inspires me to write this list. Unlike other L&D people on this list, I solely focus on L&D’s business and performance accountability requirements. Some even describe me as L&D’s business ‘conscience’. Following me provides you with links and resources to all of my business and performance articles and perspective for all issues L&D.

If you can’t get enough form the people on this list then read the first Top 20 Learning And Development Value Tweeters list. Even though Value Tweeters on previous lists may not appear on this list, it doesn’t reflect their lack of value. You should follow them too.

We want to hear from you about your Twitter experiences. Are there people you follow that deserve to be heard and followed? Then send me a note and you may see them on the next Top 20 Learning and Development Value Tweeters list.